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LCK Commentator, KangQui, Discusses Yesterday’s Games, Why LGD is Struggling, the Current Meta, and Many More

Content of the article: "LCK Commentator, KangQui, Discusses Yesterday’s Games, Why LGD is Struggling, the Current Meta, and Many More"

Brief introduction of KangQui

ex-toplaner for MVP Blue,

Coach for: GE Tigers (Nov 2014 ~ Jan 2015)
Energy Pacemaker (Jan 2015 ~ May 2015)
Hyper Youth Gaming (May 2015 ~ Aug 2015)

Started casting (as a commentator) for NiceGameTV 2013
Commentator for Spotv LCK 2017~2018
also LCK 2019 ~ current

He has a reputation for his deep knowledge and good understanding of League of Legends. Along with his colleagues: CloudTemplar and DongJun Kim. (also commentators for LCK) He regularly shares his thoughts on Professional games on his stream (twitch/kangqui). Yesterday’s stream was interesting, so I decided to translate and share it with global fans.

Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/753678143


Brief Comments on Yesterday’s game:

1. LGD vs V3

  • LGD picked their best/comfort picks

  • pick that has good initiative for mid, bot that has good sustain. Kindred and Ornn for late.

  • Kramer is not known for picking sustain picks, but his form has declined starting Summer season near the end. He no longer can smash the opponents with aggressive playstyle, so I am guessing he is preferring picks like Jhin.

  • Renekton pick into Ornn was just absurd. Usually it is the other way around. Teams pick Ornn into Renekton. I honestly believe any other picks than Renekton would have been better, picks even like Malphite or Maokai.

  • V3’s bans were good though. I am guessing V3’s champion pool might have been the problem. Picks were too old and honest (cannot create many variables). They were not even that strong on paper. They tripped over their own shoes.

  • I think Maokai would have been a lot better for example. Jhin, Ornn, Syndra cannot kill him. One scenario can be like flash w to Kindred and follow up kick from Lee…

  • Yes, Lee is off-meta right now, but he at least showed the meaning of the pick. He pressured Kindred well to use his ult with his kicks.


2. Rainbow7 vs UOL


  • Result of questionable pick and bans. Picking Cass and Skarner..

  • I kind of get why AHaHaCik decided to pick Skarner. There are only few jungle champs to pick from in the current meta. I think seeing Elise more is somewhat in this context too. I will talk about this with more details later.


3. PSG vs V3


  • The gap widened by mid difference

  • Another Ornn vs Renekton game.

  • I think they picked Sylas to create more variables, to seek more chances to win. Bugi has good mechanics to play it too.

  • I think Archer and Bugi are the best Korean imports in LJL.

  • (Chat talking about DFM Ceros since V3 Ace underperforming)

  • I watched the LJL final. Ceros’s share of DFM’s loss are quite big. The mid gap existed whole series. Not by a large margin though. Maybe by margin between Knight and Yagao. Evi was smashing V3 Paz whole series but it did not matter. It’s a pity Ace is underperforming, but you cannot find a better midlaner than Ace in LJL.


4. UOL vs LGD


  • Great performance from Santas and Gadget

  • Peanut’s Lillia.. Ok let’s talk about LGD


Why LGD is struggling right now

  • I briefly talked about Kramer. His form has not been good since the summer season. So his shaky performance does not fully explain why LGD is underperforming. They still managed to go through regional qualifiers with Kramer not on his prime.

  • Let’s talk about Peanut. Here is his data on summer season: https://gol.gg/players/player-stats/392/season-ALL/split-ALL/tournament-LPL%20Summer%202020/champion-ALL/

  • His main picks were: Graves, Nidalee, Lee Sin, Kindred, Trundle. Out of these picks, Lee Sin is currently dead. Trundle is off-meta. Kindred is not a champ you can pick any time. It can only be picked in certain situation.

  • Which champs are left? Nidalee and Graves. Peanut is good with both champs, and they can be picked most of the times comfortably.

  • Let’s see his Play-off data: https://gol.gg/players/player-stats/392/season-ALL/split-ALL/tournament-LPL%20Summer%20Playoffs%202020/champion-ALL/

  • There is only one Lilia game, but it was not that great. Also, as we seen today, Peanut underperformed with Lilia again. It felt like his style did not suit well with Lilia. This… really hurts LGD a lot

  • Above data also show how LGD is so dependent on Peanut. look at the winrate other than the comfort picks mentioned above. They are so low. This is the biggest weak point of LGD

  • So he’s left with Nidalee, Graves and Kindred (Kindred only available in certain conditions). The pool is too narrow.

  • Of course, other teams share the same problems. There are not many picks available in jungle.

  • So what’s the difference between LGD and the other teams that are doing well? Common feature that winning teams share is that: teams either have strong mid laner or good support player. or both. LGD is neither.

  • LGD Mark is not a bad player. but Kramer being shaky ties up Mark to bot, not able to roam.

  • LGD Xiye is also very shaky and inconsistent.

  • Langx is just playing up to his expectations. (weren’t too high originally)

  • Overall, why are they underperforming? they are too jungle-dependent. Peanut is the core of the team but current meta is really bad for junglers. If teams face LGD, they can just ban or snatch Peanut’s comfort picks and erase Peanut in the game. If Peanut is good at Lillia, we might have different conversation, but sadly, he is not.

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About UOL (+About Top Lane in General)

  • Team with good balance. Their mid jg bot are playing well.

  • Their top (Boss) is the weak point. Him underperforming might not be that problematic though. well… since he’s top.

  • (Talking about top lane in general)

  • Whenever I say top lane is the least important, people always bring up games when top lane carries the game as a counterexample. I am not saying top has no impact, it’s just about lane priority.

  • Of course, if our top is destroyed while the other lanes are even, sure you lose the game. However, if our mid is losing, winning top has no meaning.

  • Same logic. If our bot is losing, winning top does not matter much. Their support will eventually roam to top.

  • top lane’s priority is the lowest. Top lane is affected by the other lanes the most.

  • Think about it. Teams that has top laners with aggressive style. They all have very strong mid laners. their mid must have control in lane in order to fight in top aggressively. If opponent mid has control and does not allow the fight in top but you still fight anyways? Then you are inting. You instantly go 0/3/1.

Back to UOL

  • Gadget impressed me a lot. He is not like follow-the-team adc. He plays very smart. He knows what his role is in every situation. He is aware of his current strength within game and always bears the worst-case-scenario in his mind whenever he plays. He does not have a mind of “let’s just fight I dodge the skill shots and outplay you ez”. I was impressed when Gadget roamed to ease up the pressure in mid lane. Also when he bought stopwatch instantly after his flash was down. Twitch comp weakens a lot when twitch’s flash is down. He reads the situation very well and execute what is needed at the moment.

  • SaNTas performed very well too.

  • Nomanz died quite a bit this game. It’s hard to analyze his style. He exchanges skillshots when you are supposed to lose. He needlessly plays near the edge which is dangerous. He has this contempt-for-the-weak playstyle. Maybe it became a habit since he was so dominant in his league. I am not sure. It is working out in the play-ins but there will be only strong mid laners in group stage.

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5. PSG vs UOL


  • The game with great comeback.

  • I was surprised by Kaiwing’s play the first day. He showed another great performance with Rakan.

  • It’s rare to see good Rakan plays since now it’s harder to use ult with e and w.

  • PSG would have lost this game if Rakan did not initiate like that in the last team fight. They would have been poked to death.

  • Hanabi’s good performance is coming from his experience. He’s not smashing the enemy, but he is supporting the team strong with GP and Ornn. I believe he’s champion pool is pretty deep too.

  • turning point of the game was when Ezreal was pushing top and UOL still engaged at the bot.


6. LGD vs V3


  • Question mark when V3 picked Elise and Sett. Hard to get advantage from mid-lane initiative, and their dives are mediocre.

  • They have no wave clear. Who’s gonna clear the waves?

  • They needed adc that has high survivability. Enemy had Jax and Leona.

  • Camille, Elise, Sett, Naut will mainly focus on Orianna. That means adc has to survive by his own.

  • I first thought of Kaisa, but she will suffer from laning + still no wave clear. So given the situation, picking Xayah made sense.

  • but the other picks that I do not get. Mostly Elise – Sett duo.

  • Sett is not let’s-go-50/50 lane-and-team-fight-late champ. Same for Elise. They are snowball champs. Also, two snow-ball champs in the same team. so they were in a hurry. They must punish Orianna early or she will carry late game. and mistakes happen when in rush.

  • When things did not work out early game, I thought V3 playing slow, trusting Xayah’s late game was also an option. But that would also not work since their comp cannot stop the enemy’s side lane control.


About the meta overall (play-ins) + certain picks

  • Junglers has less influence to the game right now.

  • Thus laners are really important. Especially, mid and support who are usually in charge for play-making.

  • The meta may change in group stage.

  • Jungle picks are limited for all teams. We see the same picks game by game. You sometimes see off-meta champs like Evelynn, Elise, Sylas, Lee Sin but the result is not that great. but there is a reason why they show up. They only have little options to pick from.

  • (Why Orianna appears more). Many ganking-style junglers are gone right now. What is Orianna? Great 1v1 laning, but shitty 2v2 laner. She’s a champ of contradiction. She has to push hard to get an advantage of her laning power, but she will lose when 2v2 happens. So her 1v1 is strong, but cannot utilize that strength ironically. But jungle champs right now has weak ganking. That is why Orianna is showing up more.

  • (Why LeeSin is off-meta) Lee Sin is a good ganking champ, but his camp-clearing speed is too slow. He will be 2 levels behind the enemy jungler eventually. You will notice in lots of games, Lee is lv9 when enemy jungler is lv 11 even Lee succeeds ganking couple of times.

  • (About Zoe) Zoe is meh since she is not so good against Sett and Orianna

  • (About Leblanc) Same for Leblanc. She is off-meta since ganking-style junglers are off meta right now.

  • (Why Ornn is meta in Play-ins) When players are in pressure, Ornn is just too good. Nothing beats it. Ornn eventually get strong at late game. Teams with Ornn has less headache when planning the teamfights. Less hassle to place wards around, or plan for flank etc. Ornn ults, then job done. But, not so sure it will be the meta in the group stage. Ornn is really weak when it comes to fast-tempo-based games. He cannot move freely due to his weak laning ability. Most scenarios when Ornn loses games are when enemy top laner harasses mid and jungle while Ornn is clearing the wave under the tower and shows up late after fight is done. Ornn just cannot follow the tempo.

  • (About Hecarim Jungle) Like Kindred, you cannot pick Hecarim whenever. He can only be picked under certain conditions. I think teams do not prefer Hecarim because, he is going-in champ without a flash. One bad decision will ruin the game. So teams may have more pressure picking Hecarim.

  • (About Shen Jungle) My personal opinion is that it’s not that good. Teams who lost to shen jungle is at fault for not being able to punish Shen. It just burdens the laners too much. But, I still think Shen-like jungles (junglers who avoid enemy jungler and farm passively and looks for late game team fight) may show up in the group stage since the options available in jungle is limited right now.

  • (About Khazix Jungle) I think his style is getting fed from enemy’s mistake so not so sure. AHaHaCik may use it though.

  • (About Gragas) It may show up. In some cases, players who have hard time catching up with Runic Echoes junglers usually picks Gragas. but his winning scenario is not flexible. He must get advantage using E early before 6, and gets vision control based on it. He needs to do this since he has to ambush the enemy using vision advantage. He can play flexible if Yasuo is meta, but that is not the case.

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Will LGD advance?

  • Based on the games I watched; I think around 50/50. I will give an edge to not going to advance. All games they won was against V3 only

  • LGD’s weakness is already exposed. I believe analysts and coaches would already know this.

  • Winning plan based on what I talked about today: LGD is too jungle-dependent so ban Peanut’s champs. Do not let top play champs like Ornn. Bot is shaky so take advantage of it.

  • Of course, you cannot ignore the experience that LGD had from many BO5s so things may turn out different.

  • But I feel like LGD’s pick & ban are narrow and not flexible. Their champion pool is shallow.

  • It feels like their winning scenario is limited.

  • For today’s game, I thought the game was over when top and mid got solo kills but they could not snowball fast enough. Usually it is jungle and support’s job to snowball the lead. They are not doing the job well.

  • I admit LGD was kind of overrated. But not this much. I think players are psychologically unstable right now. They need to overcome this to advance.

Source: reddit.com

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