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League Of Legends is an awesome game! Garter the Ex-Dota2 pro here!

Hey guys, I’m garter – the ex dota 2 pro player who came to League of Legends back in January.

Over the course of 6 months, I managed to reach (at the highest) d3 35lp.

The main reason I’m posting is because I had told everyone that I would keep them up to date etc – which I had been mainly doing through my socials. I’m here to just post the ‘big’ leaps of my league career – so if I ever hit challenger I will probably make another post (hopefully that will happen in 4-5 months before the season end) :pray:

Anyway, I’ll try to keep this short, but here’s a bit of what I did/do, my struggles and thoughts in general.

League is a great game. Honestly, it is way better than I had initially imagined it would be.

There is toxicity everywhere, and coming from Dota, League’s toxicity is quite mild

As per my ranking, I basically went from bronze to gold within a month. Then in the next 2 months I got all the way up to plat 2 and got stuck there for about an extra month – going up and down. I finally hit diamond 5 months in and now I’ve not been playing as much since all this time I’ve been hard grinding (I hit diamond under 1000 games). I have about 100 games total between these d3-d4 ups and down.

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here is my op.gg https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=garter

I started playing Yasuo initially, then added Ahri and Syndra. As I went up in rating I kept dropping and picking up champs for 3 reasons:

1 . I’d get bored coz I’m not a huge fan of this OTP thing

  1. When you don’t duo, nobody respects your champ (whether you are the win con or you need the early lead etc)

  2. It feels a lot easier to win with a certain champ on a certain ELO. For example, in gold 4 if you soloq – winning with champs like Yasuo is hard cuz you don’t transition your lead well on the other lanes since ur roaming is kinda bad unless u ve lots of knockups in other lanes – which you wont. And honestly especially Yasuo has such a hate in this community I can’t even fathom why anyone would play that champ ever – especially without muting chat since you get flamed, pinged, raged at even if u are 20-0 legit. (so u kinda want champs that roam well)

– In platinum, the most important thing I’ve noticed is not dying mid. Since most jg players play some J4, Twitch, Warwick kind of champs that just perma roam mid I started playing Fizz/Lb – the gank DODGERS.

– Snowball the lane and then transition it elsewhere in the map

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– Most of my achievements here are due to my Dota mechanics. I usually hard win my lane in 1v1 situation and I snowball with it. But even now to this day, my game knowledge is kinda shit when it comes to abilities and other things that are obvious to other people such as Who outscales who and What item to buy in certain situations, etc. I’m hoping I’ll learn that more as I keep playing.

All and all I find this game truly fun to play and I’ve no issues whatsoever. Yeah, I my games get ruined and inted but its fine. The game itself is quite fun, especially if u get a good duo to play with which makes it a lot easier to deal with that.

– The biggest struggle is your own mentality, and in this case, my own mentality.

  1. If i feel that I can’t cope with shit thrown at me I better stop playing or I’ll underperform and lose all of my lp (which is a bit hard since I’m streaming most of my games)

  2. Ultimately you are where you deserve

  3. Don’t be salty about it

  4. Don’t flame your teammates for your rank (wow d4 hard stuck 1k games im so cool)

  5. If you ALWAYS play well eventually you will get the teammates that will help you get out of your ‘not belonging’ ELO.

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Thanks for reading all of this. It means a lot and I hope this won’t get deleted for the 150th time because i posted something similar last month but it got removed…. so I just waited a bit and I’m trying again.

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