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League Of Legends World Cup – More Competitive than MSI?

I created a 12 team World Cup tournament to see how competitive teams would be if players could only play for their country. The results were surprising.

World Cup Teams

Non-first division teams are labeled in red.

Before continuing, please note that this is just a first draft at what the teams might look like. Of course, the coaches of these respective countries would know better than me as to how to structure and draft their lineups to bring to an international stage.

Now, the first two things that initially shocked me were:

  1. **Denmark is extremely strong.**This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows about

    , but it is definitely still surprising to see that this team might even be a favorite to win the whole tournament.
  2. **Most teams had fully professional rosters.**When I was first building this list I suspected that I would have to pull many players from Academy or EU Masters to fill out the European rosters, however, in the end only 5 academy/masters players were called up to start for their country.

In the past, we have seen teams swap in and out players from their bench to great success. In 2015 SKT would

And in 2018, FNC

and eventually reached the finals. In this tournament, the amount of star power on the benches of some of these teams means that we could see completely new strategies develop around player swapping just to utilize the full potential of these rosters.

Other eSports leagues have already produced international tournaments, one of the most famous being the Overwatch World Cup. South Korea has won 3 titles (as expected), but in 2019, South Korea didn't even make the finals, and instead USA beat China 3-0. So even though the LoL bracket seems stacked in the favor of South Korea (as it always does), you never know what could happen.

My top 4 global power rankings based on this line up would be

  1. South Korea
  2. China
  3. Denmark
  4. Germany

with dark horses Taiwan and Sweden

If anyone with more knowledge than me could come up with a full global power rankings list please do so and I'll edit this post.


A lot of people seem to think MSI is just KR, CN, EU and NA. If you look at the whole MSI bracket you will see that the bottom 7 teams are much worse than any team in the World Cup Tournament. Thats why I wrote that this tournament is much more competitive than MSI.


If this tournament reached relative importance equivalent to something like the FIFA World Cup then it would be a valid reason to maintain import rules in major regions. As of right now, there is not really any practical incentive.


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