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List of least used items (sub-1% pickrate)

Keep in mind stats from data aggregator sites aren't 100% precise, but for this purpose it's decent enough. Another thing to note is that some champions and classes are more popular than others (which means Enchanter and tank items are going to be less commonly found in stats than AD or AP items). Starting from the least used ones:

  1. Vigilant Wardstone – 0.0%
    Ultimate proof that just because an item is almost never picked, doesn't mean it's useless. Sure, it rarely comes to a 6-item-support game state, but when it does, this little thingy allows to balance 6-item pro player builds (who would otherwise stay at 5 items and a ward stash) a bit closer to 6-item solo queue supports. Perhaps some mild adjustments are possible – a little bit of Health wouldn't hurt – but Riot definitely deserves an A+ for the idea.
  2. Silvermere Dawn – 0.1% (up for buffs in 11.3)
    And here's the opposite – while the initial idea might be correct (now that Mercurial Scimitar has critical strike chance, this item was meant to cover champions who don't care about crit), QSS in general suits squishier champions who can't afford to stay CCd. This one would fare much better with Ability Haste, Lethality or at least Lifesteal instead of Health.
  3. Serpent's Fang – 0.2%
    "Situational" doesn't even begin to describe it. This one would fare much better with broader statline with AS/AH, it worked out pretty well for The Collector.
  4. Mikael's Blessing – 0.3%
    With Chalice of Harmony gone, this item now suits neither enchanters nor tanks. In theory it should work pretty well against strong AP threats, but same or even better effect can be achieved with a Locket. It was already situational before, now it's just bad. Give up on combining Negatron Cloak with Forbidden Idol.
  5. Chemtech Putrifier – 0.4% (up for buffs in 11.3)
    The currently planned buff should be enough for supports to consider picking it up, actually.
  6. EVERFROST – 0.4%
    And here we go – the least popular Mythic item in the game. With shorter range than GLP and no Twin Shadows the Glacial Augument build is gone; this item grants no Health until you spend 3400g (!) on it; the Mythic passive, while worth more gold on paper, offers much less lategame scaling than mpen or AH from the other mana Mythics… it goes on and on and on. The greatest failure of mage Mythic diversity, especially considering how popular its alternatives are (both around 7%). Needs immediate attention (Kindlegem in build, better Mythic passive?).
  7. Mercurial Scimitar – 0.4%
    Admittedly weaker without lifesteal, its low pick rate is pretty normal for what typically is a 6th ADC item, now more restricted in its userbase – and its existence is needed not just for popularity, but simply for being a high elo Malzahar deterrent.
  8. Warmog's Armor – 0.5%
    Once a standard and popular item, now it's a rare lategame luxury for out-of-combat rearming. Perhaps balanced, and perhaps it's worth considering that lategame 10 AH is much weaker than 10 CDR it used to have, and its price has even gone up? It's not like Mundo and Zac are roaring rampage, quite the opposite.
  9. Sanguine Blade – 0.5%
    With all other Lethality items rebalanced or reworked, this one remains unchanged as the nichiest Quinn/Talon/Tryndamere/Sion gimmick out there. Situational fun.
  10. Maw of Malmortius – 0.5%
    Overnerfed, deprived of the omnivamp on Lifeline and to top it off, overshadowed by Sterak, which it can't stack with.
  11. SHURELYA'S BATTLESONG – 0.6% (buffed in 11.2)
    The second Mythic on the list, meh from the start of the season due to awakward hybrid tank/enchanter statline. Pickrate might improve after people start copying pro games.
  12. Abyssal Mask – 0.6%
    Deprived of mana, Catalyst regen and CDR, Abyssal Mask is a shadow of its former self. I believe it would fare much better as a 2500g supportank-oriented item.
  13. Gargoyle Stoneplate – 0.7% (buffed in 11.2)
    Supposedly a "tank Deathcap", but even more painful to assemble (two pieces of Aegis, maybe?) and not straightforwardly efficient in raw stat value – low pickrate for a reason.
  14. Lord Dominik's Regards – 0.7%
    Another situational lategame item, much like Scimitar limited in its userbase due to crit – so a pretty understandable pickrate.
  15. Cosmic Drive – 0.7%
    The second biggest AP disappointment of the preseason after Everfrost. Designed as the 3000g "power item" alternative to Horizon Focus, Demonic Embrace, etc, it was supposed to be the main option for acquiring Ability Haste. It didn't catch on. Instead, Riot buffed AH on all mage Mythics by a bit, and still hardly anybody buys this one.
  16. Wit's End – 0.7%
    Long gone from its 42 joke, Wit's End always hangs somewhere between specialized onhit shenanigans and underwhelming meh tier. I'd say for such a specialized niche option it's still a pretty decent pickrate.
  17. Frozen Heart – 0.7% (up for buffs in 11.3)
    Two things tanked this pickrate: first, tanks no longer needing mana after receiving buffs to base mana to make up for the loss of Catalyst and Iceborn Gauntlet, and second, 20 Ability Haste is no longer worth as much as 20 CDR used to. Will the 2500g price tag remedy this? We'll see.
  18. Banshee's Veil – 0.8% (up for buffs in 11.3)
    Mages get their survi from Zhonya's (especially with the prevalency of AD midlaners) and Verdant Barrier is straight out garbage. The upcoming buffs could fix things up a bit.
  19. Umbral Glaive – 0.8% (buffed in 11.2)
    Support Senna ain't doing too well, so this item got 200g cheaper. Still something that's meant to be niche.
  20. PROWLER'S CLAW – 0.8%
    The third and final Mythic on the sub-1% list. Between the 1v9 joy of Duskblade and the reliable (anti)burst of Eclipse, Prowler's gimmicky active works well on champions who probably wouldn't otherwise go for Lethality, like Sion, Rek'Sai or Kled.
  21. Knight's Vow – 0.9%
    Massacred. No longer heals you from partner's damage, no longer has armor. Guess that jungle Rengar with KV at Worlds scared Riot too much. Still one of the very few options you have as a supportank.
  22. Redemption – 0.9%
    Still a solid support item, even if weaker than before.
  23. Serylda's Grudge – 0.9%
    A much, much, much better AD Rylai's, basically a better anti-armor item than Lord Dominik's Regards. Low pickrate only because of its lategame nature.
  24. Randuin's Omen – 0.9%
    Even though it lost its slow, it's still a pretty strong anti-crit item. The only problem is that everybody and their mother has to rush Thornmail first, so that one takes over the armor+health space.
  25. Force of Nature – 0.9%
    Less underwhelming than Abyssal Mask, but still nowhere near the anti-DPS qualities Adaptive Helmet used to have.
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That concludes the sub-1% list.

Keep in mind the pickrate applies to all ranked games aggregated by League of Graphs. If you take only Platinum or Diamond games and higher into consideration, some interesting stuff happens:

  • Support items pickrate jumps up a bit (less selfish picks, more enchanters, unique effects more valued over stats)
  • Some items fall below the 1% pickrate in Diamond+: Navori Quickblades, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Horizon Focus
  • Moonstone Renewer skyrockets to the top 10 (pretty obvious given it being FotM now)

Source: reddit.com

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