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List of random scaling that could be added to the game for off-meta players to have fun with

Poppy's passive range scales with crit chance, increasing the range by 125 at 100% crit chance.( This would make the range 600 on her passive. )

Lulu's passive gains 2% bonus AD scaling (for a total of 6% bonus AD per attack), making it a little more effective when going AD Lulu as opposed to on-hit AP Lulu.

Annie's Tibbers gains 50% of Annie's bonus attack speed, tripled (150% bonus attack speed) and uncapped when Enraged. This is a small nudge to attack speed Annie- which no-one does since most of her stats are atrocious for a marksman.

Janna's W gains on-hit effects. This would be the final push to get people to play Janna in other roles besides support- as Lich Bane would become her pure power item.

Zed's passive gains 5% maximum health per 100 AP scaling. It would remain untouched by a lot of people, but some dedicated enough might try to see if they can Ult > Lich Bane > Passive > Echo Damage one-shot- and would make for some cool plays if possible.

Xayah's W gains 10% per 100 AP bonus attack speed. Xayah is a champion locked to crit ever since the rageblade fix, but it could be interesting to see how Xayah could support Rakan instead- people would poke around with this one.

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Lee Sin's R gains 135% AP scaling. (AP) Lee Sin support has been played a few times over, with AD Lee Sin support being the more dominant one. It would be amazing to have people try to work around enough kinks to get a one (punch?) hit on their R and make AP Lee Sin into another option.

All AD portions of Akali's kit are changed to physical damage. Akali's whole slick before her rework was to be a dual damage assassin, and with the last change removing the AD portion of her ult, none of her abilities do physical damage anymore. Seeing how successfully Katarina adapted to being able to deal physical damage with her ultimate, besides her on-hit effects- it really couldn't hurt to give Akali the choice of having magical base damage with physical damage scaling. Likewise, this means making all scaling into bonus AD scaling so AP Akali does not benefit from potential AD Akali scaling buffs.

Talyah's W gains a 275% bonus attack damage scaling. Thresh kinds of things. A ridiculous scaling calls for a ridiculous build.

Edit: This is just a few ideas. I think the most important thing to say here is that having options is nice. One type scaling champions are very linear in playstyle, especially once you've played them for a while and really want another way to play them. A really great change I saw riot do was making Annie's E into an actual shield- which got a few Annie mains to not feel locked to midlane anymore.

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