League of Legends

LNG vs INF Mic Check

My own translation:

Ale: The opposing (team's) toplane seems really strong. Damage percentage 36 (percent)

Coach: 36? What is yours

Ale: Really. Mine is 26 he is 36

Ale: I'm a little nervous


Icon: Focus, brothers

Ale: Don't overlook them

Icon: Hold steady and take this (game) down


(First blood scene)

Ale: I want to tower dive

Tarzan: Can't tower dive

Ale: I want to solo tower dive

Iwandy: Braum watch out

Icon: Watch mid

Iwandy: You watch out, Icon, watch out

I'm going to top

(First blood)

Iwandy: Jungler is behind (there), jungler is behind

Come to take jungle camp, Tarzan, come

Light: Come to bot, come to bot, I have a lot of lines here

Iwandy: Ok, I'm going down to bot

Icon: Don't let them push this mid wave

Iwandy: top top

Ale: Top no flash, top no flash

Iwandy: This top I want to dive him what do you guys think?

Ale: He no flash

Iwandy: He no flash he no flash

Ale: Ok ok come come come

Iwandy: Come come come dive him

Tarzan: He has, he has Q

Iwandy: Ok wait me wait me, I'll tank (tower aggro)

Iwandy: I'm tanking, you guys take it easy

(takes down INF jungler)

Light: I need you to come to bot

Iwandy: Ok ok I'm coming I'm coming


Ale: Can I get the red (buff)? Brother~~~

Tarzan: Why give to you

Ale: Pleaze~~~~~~

Ale: I'm very strong

Iwandy: (laughing) You are very strong ok, you are not getting it


Icon: Watch out top, LeBlanc is going up

Ale: No worries, (Imma) 1v3

Iwandy: Two on top, I'm coming

Tarzan: How can 2 (of them) kill you

Icon: Looks like I'm dead

Iwandy: I'm coming, I'm on the way

Iwandy: Can I please have an (assist)?

Icon: (intentioal coughs) (proceeds to die in a 1v2)

Iwandy: Hit tower, hit tower


Icon: LeBlanc is coming, watch LB

Iwandy: Imma watch Braum watch Braum, you guys slow down

Iwandy: Wach Jayce watch Jayce

Icon: Ouch, why (am I) pressed against the wall (by Qiyana)

Iwandy: low HP

Light: What's going on here?

Iwandy: One down

Iwandy: I'm here, chase, chase, chase

Iwandy: On the way, slow down

Tarzan: Can we end? I have shelly. We can end if we take down one

Light: Can't get him


(Last teamfight)

Iwandy: Watch out, they are chasing

Iwandy: I'm low on mana, slow down

Tarzan: What now?

Iwandy: slow down

Ale: (we) can fight, can fight

Iwandy: Ok

Ale: Pentakill, pentakill, pentakill

Iwandy: Really?

Ale: Ah….

Tarzan: Pentakill no more

Icon: Where is the pentakill?


Iwandy: He no flash

get him


Ale: (I had the) pentakill, Icon

Icon: Really

Ale: GG

Icon: Let's get one more round

Iwandy: Come to fountain

Icon: Let's get another pentakill

Iwandy: I have ult

Ale: no mana

Tarzan: MF ult? MF ult?

Light: 10 seconds, 8 seconds..

Iwandy: Come come

Icon: Do we have MF ult?

Light: Ready

Icon: I'm going in, I'm going in

Tarzan: I have ult too

Iwandy: You guys go in

Ale/Iwandy: Hit base, hit base, hit base

Ale: Ok Good


Ale: (My) Pentakill~~~~~ Icon~~~~

Icon: Sorry, sorry


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