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Nexus Blitz has the potential to be great but its issues need to be fixed

Content of the article: "Nexus Blitz has the potential to be great but its issues need to be fixed"

I have been playing a lot of Nexus Blitz lately to grind out the event pass and overall I'd say I really enjoy it as a more casual game mode where I can actually play the champs I want. However, even in its latest iteration it still has huge problems that Riot for some reason has done nothing about since the last time it's been around.

  • The system that is supposed to balance where events happen still doesn't work. Sometimes a team is barely behind and the event starts in their jungle, sometimes a team is even ahead and the battle royale ends in front of their guardian, etc. Honestly they could just make the events always happen in the middle of the map, cause I don't think it's possible to balance gold lead vs event location properly.
  • The Yordle events are bullshit and need to go. They always wander off into one or the other team's jungle or under their tower and 90% of the time that just means that team wins that event. Getting gold for hitting is also really stupid when teams have high DPS champs that can quickly (solo) kill the Yordle and get 5k gold for it.
  • The event buffs are very unbalanced between each other. Some, like the Blitzcrank hooks, are borderline useless, while Elder and Ocean Soul provide a huge advantage and are also extremely unfun to play against. This is especially frustrating in combination with unfair event spawns.
  • This is somewhat subjective but to me lane feels way stronger than jungle. In lane you actually get to fight your opponent and try to get a lead, while in jungle you're stuck clearing camps for 2 minutes until you maybe contest red or scuttle (though I have never had a fun fight over red buff when I played jungle and scuttle is really about whose lanes are winning). Ganking also doesn't feel very good, as a laner you ward one bush and because lanes are so short you're basically ungankable unless you're getting tower-dived. There are also no significant objectives to contest as jungler except herald which usually doesn't spawn until one team has basically won.
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I think if these issues are fixed Nexus Blitz could become a really good casual game mode that doesn't get old as quickly as URF.

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