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Niles has the second most deaths (87), the fewest kills (15) and the worst KDA (1.1) of any non-support player in LCS history to play a full split

I obtained all my data from Oracle's elixir, and only included 18 game splits for consistency. I did include tiebreaker games in these numbers but removing them wouldn't have effected final standings at all. Support players were counted to be eligible for the most deaths "award" but not for fewest kills, after all you reach a point where a support having too many kills could be considered a bad thing. There has never been in a non-support player with the fewest kills. In most splits, the top or jungle player with the fewest kills still has more kills than nearly all supports that split.

Player Position Split Kills Deaths KDA Fewest/Most
Niles Top 2021 Spring 15 87 1.1 Fewest Kills and Most Deaths
Svenskeren Jng 2020 Summer 20 62 1.9 Fewest Kills and Most Deaths
sOAZ Top 2020 Spring 21 47 1.9 Fewest Kills
Stunt Sup 2020 Spring 19 71 1.9 Most Deaths
Lira Jng 2019 Summer 25 41 3.2 Fewest Kills
Ruin Top 2019 Summer 51 54 2.3 Most Deaths
V1per Top 2019 Spring 31 37 3.0 Fewest Kills
Olleh Sup 2019 Spring 12 58 2.2 Most Deaths
Xmithie Jng 2018 Summer 31 38 3.4 Fewest Kills
Contractz Jng 2018 Summer 37 68 2.1 Most Deaths
Reignover Jng 2018 Spring 18 43 3.2 Fewest Kills
Contractz Jng 2018 Spring 27 56 2.0 Most Deaths
Xmithie Jng 2016 Spring 25 30 5.0 Fewest Kills
Crumbz Jng 2016 Spring 31 64 2.1 Most Deaths
Porpoise Jng 2015 Summer 20 55 3.1 Fewest Kills
Flaresz Top 2015 Summer 37 90 1.3 Most Deaths
Dyrus Top 2015 Spring 27 57 2.5 Fewest Kills
Cris Top 2015 Spring 30 75 1.3 Most Deaths
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Some interesting factoids from this

  • Svenskeren and Niles share as the only players to have the fewest kills and most deaths in the same split.
  • Flaresz who holds the record with 90 deaths is the only player even in the ballpark of of Niles, with no other players passing 75 deaths in 18 games.
  • There are quite a lot of players with very good splits in the fewest kill category, Xmithie even has some All-Pro splits included.
  • Contracz and Xmithie with multiple appearances on the list.
  • Niles is the only non-support to average under 1 kill per game.

I don't think Niles is the worst player to ever play in the LCS. There are multiple other players with worst stats under a smaller sample size. What makes Niles so unique is that he was never benched and also never really improved either. You will quite often see players with very few kills start to play more aggressive near the end of the split, or vice versa for few deaths. Niles didn't really change much. I don't think bringing in Solo or another top laner would have saved GGS's split or Niles's career, but they certainly could have saved his dignity.

EDIT(s): Fixed some Reddit formatting on the table

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