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Nuclear on DWG’s behind the scenes

Content of the article: "Nuclear on DWG’s behind the scenes"

He talked about the people in the team

Beryl: He may not have the best mechanics but his game knowledge is extraordinary. He utilizes this in his plays. It's also why he often got into serious arguments (in a good way, during scrims with Ghost)

Ghost: Has nearly full stats in all aspects. Mechanics may not be sss+ but is at least A+. He's also very smart. He's DWG's Park Chan Ho (meaning very talkative and never ceases talking. Reference to Korean pro pitcher who used to play for the LA Dodgers and Texas Rangers). He's also very kind

Showmaker: I heard his mother works in the education industry (not teacher). Maybe that's why he's so smart. Need I say more? He's S tier in all aspects.

If his roaming game was a bit off last year, this year he's developed this side too. He's got a great personality and is very chill. If I had to choose one person I'd marry my sister to, I'd pick Showmaker.

Nuguri: In 2019, before Beryl, Nuguri was the most stubborn. There were even talks of either him or coach Kim leaving because it was too hard to give/get feedback. This isn't because he's a bad person or anything, it's just he has a very strong opinion. Nuguri is the embodiment of the top lane. I also clashed with him at times last year. Then why is he so good? It's because the game is the only thing he knows.

He eats, then plays, then sleeps, then plays. If he gets stressed, he goes for a walk. He may not be the most gifted, but he makes up for it with effort. Even when in queue, he'll go over replays of other players and himself. To the point it would motivate anyone watching him. I guess you could say this passion is a talent in itself. He also switched from 4G to 5GX just so he could watch proview. I really respect him

Canyon: Now if we want to talk about being talented, Canyon is talented. The way he uses and dodges skills is just on a whole other level. I'm amazed whenever I watch him play. He also works really hard. I'd say he's the most talented in the team. Only people close to him can touch his canyon(bellyfat). He's a cute little chubby.

Zefa: Zefa is a brilliant coach. He's really smart but he's not the most energetic person. He's a fan of Dahyun of Twice.

Daeny: Coach Daeny is also very smart. At first I questioned him because he'd been a PUBG pro previously. But he studied really hard and even got to Master tier. Beryl was very negative towards Daeny at first (saying that's not right to his feedbacks and so on) so I helped Daeny out alot in managing mentality. After MSC Daeny said he wanted to lead feedback as he saw fit, so Zefa split responsibilities with him. Things got way better after that.

Daeny is a great coach. His cheerfulness made the team atmosphere even more positive. He instilled in us a winning mentality. He also managed to bend the strong opinion of the players'(ex. Nuguri). The two coaches have great synergy and is a great person to look up to.

Editor-chan (Bam-ae-no) : I still don't know if the person is a he or a she. When we heard this person was joining our team as our main editor, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out if the person was a male or a female, and if she was a female, then if she was pretty. Flame was the most curious, so he asked our GM if our editor was a male or female. Our GM's response was vague but made it sound like the person was a female. Flame's imagination has been running wild ever since, imagining this really pretty person, even dreaming of marrying her. We still don't know the edtior's gender. But considering how crazy the edits are, I think it's a dude.

There's more regarding Ashley Kang, their GM, and the team in general. might translate it later if you guys want it

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