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Pick rates for ADC pretty much show how broken the role has become.

Content of the article: "Pick rates for ADC pretty much show how broken the role has become."

There's currently a 43% pick rate for Jhin which is so far beyond any other lane's top pick rate it's hilarious. (Samira would clearly be top if she wasn't banned in nearly all games.) And frankly I don't even think Jhin is particularly overpowered. He simply works in the current meta. Pretty much every ADC that isn't Jhin and MF (and can build full lethality) feels awful. You come online way too late to do anything and are just food for the top/mid/jungler for all of mid-game.

I've tried many of the ADCs this season and none of them feel good anymore. Cait is completely useless now because her damage is just miserably low. Ashe is ok but doesn't get anywhere near the power spike she used to and can't compete. Twitch is better as AP now… (really…?) Kog'maw can be great but needs a team that can peel at all…

In general I feel like I have even less choices than I did before the item changes. Sure, I was picking the same items all the time before, but I'm basically doing that now… There's no real options for ADC, it's still the same "build optimal for dps and die instantly."

Really Riot did nothing to address the problems with the role and simultaneously buffed assassins with new items. They also made tanks even stronger and half the time a fed tank shrugs off the ADC like they're not there. Especially with how much self healing tanks have now you need penetration and grievous wounds to deal with them, which means big investment into lower DPS, but necessary, items.

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That's to say nothing for the fact my options for survivability suck. Guardian Angel is fine, but if I'm up against heavy AP I'm basically stuck with Mercurial Scimitar or Maw, neither of which really gives you enough to not die immediately still.

The game really feels like it was constructed to completely remove the agency ADC had. Outside of premade games, I don't see a huge place for ADC anymore and it's frustrating trying to play the role. I don't need to be able to 1 v 5 a team, but if I'm 5/0 and the enemy top lane is 2/5, I shouldn't have to run in fear of a 1 v 1 with them every single time…

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