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Really hoping that the mid mage this year has a more interesting kit than the last two

I think many mid players agree that the last two mid mages (Seraphine and Neeko) were quite underwhelming releases. Regardless of how anyone feels about other aspects of Seraphine, her kit is a very generic one, and keep in mind, I'm saying its generic, not that its simple. Having a simple kit isn't a problem, but look at champions like Senna or Jhin, for example, who have simple kits, but their gameplay is very unique for their classes.

Seraphine just doesn't bring that, nothing in her kit sets her gameplay apart, and that ended up being one of the reasons why her release was so underwhelming (from a gameplay perspective). It didn't help that ever since her release she has been a better support than she is a mid laner (she was especially awful in mid at release), which sucks for mid mage players like myself, because the previous mid mage also had a similar problem.

Seraphine was released in October 2020, almost two years after Neeko (December 2018), and Neeko wasn't really a great release either. Not only was she released without much hype, but her only uniqueness, her transformation, is quite easy to read an not a huge part of how her kit works. As a whole, Neeko's kit was also very generic (she also seemed to work better in other lanes than in mid, with attack speed builds), and for that to happen to two mid mages in a row, despite a huge gap between their releases makes it feel like Riot just didn't give a shit about making an unique mage.

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Which is very weird, because we have some different mages too, hell, the mid mage released before Neeko, around one year before, was Zoe (November 2017), and while she is hated by a lot of people due to how annoying she is, it can't be denied that her gameplay is very unique, and even if we look back at some very old releases, like Syndra (2012), who, again, has a simple kit, we'll see that she has a very unique gameplay.

This year's mage was already announced to be a yordle (with people speculating its Yuumi's master, Norra), and with the last mage with an interesting kit being released back in 2017, I really hope her kit doesn't feel generic, mage players need something different to play and, hopefully, something that actually works in mid and doesn't end up stuck in other roles or with unconventional builds. Besides, its been a while since we had our last yordle too (Kled in 2016), so it would be great if she was also memorable, specially if she is tied to the Ruined King's story.

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