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Reddit really should stop blaming design choices on the Chinese player base

Content of the article: "Reddit really should stop blaming design choices on the Chinese player base"

As convenient as it is, I think these kind of comments are just scapegoating another player base that they've generalised and do not/can not respond. This is not unlike Western K-pop fans blaming their Korean counterparts for toxicity in idol culture.

Apparently, because they can't understand Chinese opinions further, it's okay to pin the blame on them, because they've created a hypothetical scenario where they stand on the moral high ground.

What's worse is that they don't acknowledge that other regions (yes, even yours) could have similar preferences. For example, Lunar New Year skins continue to be rolled out but Christmas skins haven't but it's not like Riot haven't put out the statistics to back up their business decisions the idea that even NA prefers using other skins over Christmas skins.

I realise that Riot did very little, if anything, this year for Christmas specifically. They didn't even announce the skins were on sale. But it becomes a gimmick if people just want a Christmas skins for the sake of having them around. If you do enjoy Christmas skins, I suggest supporting the many artists out there who have the most creative designs.

Is this borderline racist? Probably not, none of the comments really have harmful intentions. But it does read like bullying. Something hasn't gone your way, you don't want the responsibility, there is someone you can dump the blame on, they can't fight back – it's just the easiest solution. Please stop.

Edit: tldr; Some of these comments have shaped my thoughts better. Don't be mad at China for having preferences that do not reflect your own. Complain to Riot, not about China.

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Edit 2: Side question: Why is it that China is always on the "bad guys" side (edit 3: in terms of League)? Why can other East Asian influenced skins Spirit Blossom (Japanese) and K/DA (Korean) have such positive response but when it comes to Lunar Revel or Immortal Journeys, it always comes off as just the token skin line that appeals to Chinese fans?

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