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Right now is Riots opportunity to show whether or not they genuinely care about inting.

Riot has recently been on a crusade around trying to combat toxicity, create a much more enjoyable and safe in game experience, and cull out toxic players they support. The fact of the matter though, is that they've gone ahead and managed to fuck it all up.

Hai, for example, not only got chat restricted for pointing out that someone was AFK, but this was doubled down on by Riot publicly, and was subsequently put him on probation from their Partnership Program.

In a stark contrast, it took Tyler1 calling Riot names regarding this situation because HE HIMSELF was still in the Program while being absolutely more toxic.

With SRO inting on VOD, right now is the perfect time for them to finally do the right thing regarding this situation. The VOD in question has an 0/6 SRO walk into the enemy team and THEN SAY HE WAS GOING TO MAKE HIS TEAM LOSE. To reiterate, he blatantly said that was intentionally trying to ruin the game for the rest of the players on his team.

All riot needs to do here, and what they really should do, is come out and permanently ban whatever account he was using and finally say that, "hey yknow what, if you ruin the competitive integrity of our game, that's it for you."

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If Riot doesn't hand out punishment to SRO that extends past just taking him off LPP, I'm done with this game. I won't play another game, or spend another dollar on a game that flouts fake professional integrity and picks and chooses who to punish. These toxic streamers shouldn't be a part of their marketing campaign, and I highly urge everyone who can, to take a step back from League if they don't want to change things. You'll feel better anyways.

Thank you for your ears and I hope a few people agree with me.

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