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Right now quite a few champs don’t really have much of a choice in mythics, so what if Riot made the mythic items weaker and gave more stats to the mythic passives so they don’t have to be rushed?

Basically title. Right now the items that were designed to provide more build variety are being incredibly successful for some champions and incredibly weak or broken for others. Easy examples of this are both champions like Singed who literally have no mythic item that they actually want, and champions like Darius who literally only want one mythic item because it has the most insane sinergy with them.

What I'd propose is to intentionally weaken the item's base stats to around 50-60% gold efficiency and, aside from the mythic passive they already have, make them grant stats of around 25-35% gold efficiency for every legendary built. So say, stridebreaker right now gives 45 AD, 20% AS, 20 haste and 200 health. This is more than enough for Darius to just run any and everybody down from 600 units away (300 dash + 535 E, I'm actually rounding it down), he doesn't need triforce, he doesn't need goredrinker and he doesn't want anything else. If it gave 20 AD, 10% AS, 10 haste and 100 health now rushing it is an actual exchange between power and the dash, and gives his opponents a better chance to playing the lane. The passive would however give 20 AD, 10% AS, 10 haste and 100 health (+3% ms), so building it second is just as good and it scales better into the late game, also making the choice between it and something like goredrinker, which would give more health and health regen instead of AS more impactful than just a measly 5 less haste.

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– 1) Champs are able to rush whatever item they want for the lane instead of having to choose a mythic that may become suboptimal in the midgame or is suboptimal now.

– 2) We'd be able to adapt our mythic choice based on the state of the game rather than the composition. A few times I've been against a 4 melee team playing Darius or Illaoi and going for Goredrinker, only for the adc to go 4/0 by the time I finished it and 9/0 by the time I can finish my armor item. Stuff like that won't happen if you're not forced to rush the mythic.

– 2.b) Also due to the fact that you can adapt your mythic not only for the team composition but also for the state of the game all champions should see more variety, mainly because you won't have to go for a mythic that works even if thing don't go ccording to plan. Getting Moonstone renewer on Morgana may seem a little troll as a rush item, but if you're against 2 tanks, your adc is fed and already rushed Demonic now the stage is different.


1) Mana mages. Mages may be forced to still rush lost chapter or invest in a tear. I think that we should probably make it so that archangel's does something other than letting you play if you dared to use too much mana but even if I think it's a tear issue rather than a mythic issue, it's still an issue.

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2) Mejais exists. And if it gave 25% of a full mythic upon completing it'd be kinda busted.

If you read till the end of my little text wall feel free to leave an opinion, that's why I post here.


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