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Riot basically allows the usage of Script-a-like Programs!?

About 2 months ago I had the idea to program an in-game overlay which shows how much HP your enemy would have left after your combo by calculating the damage of your champion, the armor of the opponent and his HP, as well as runes, items, etc.

The program tells you accordingly HP exactly how much life the opponent would still have if you would attack him with a combo. It basically tells whether you could oneshot an enemy or not.

Actually I wanted to keep it private, but finally decided to give it a try and let Riot verify the program. That means I ask them if they can take a look at it and if it's allowed to be used they approve it.

Originally I meant it as a joke because I was very sure that this program would never ever be allowed by Riot. I saw it as a kind of scripting myself. But still I tried it..

Now 2 months later, Riot actually approved this Program Idea and allows me to basically publish it. (More about it below..)

Preview Video:


It is a transparent Overlay for League of Legends that displays the following:

  • How much Damage you deal with your Combo
  • How much HP the Target will have left after your Combo
  • How many Seconds you will need to kill the Target
  • More Damage related Statistics
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By Target I mean either Champion or Jungle Monster.

Thereby it considers:

  • Enemy Armor / Magic Resist
  • Enemy Armor Item Actives / Passives
  • Enemy Runes
  • Your AD / AP / Attack Speed
  • Your Lethality / Armor Pen / Armor Reduction…
  • Your Damage Item Actives / Passives
  • Your Runes

Proof that it got approved by Riot:
I added some proof that it really got approved since some probably will think this isn't real..
(I censored the names of the Riot Employees to circumvent any Drama in their Dms).

My question at Leagues Developer Discord about the Overlay got answered by Riot

2 Months later it got approved on Riots Developer App Portal

The Whole Application at Riots Developer Portal (with status approved)

As it got approved now this basically means It is not considered as Scripting and I would be able to make the whole program public and that legally – no one would get banned for using this Overlay.

BUT: I decided myself not to publish it as I think it is too close to scripting and would ruin the fun.

Now we come to the Ultimate Question:
What do you think about the fact that this program got approved by RIOT.
Do you see it as a kind of scripting or do you think it would be legitimate?

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If my program has already been approved, what about other programs.
Ultimately, anyone could verify a cheat alike program and play with it legitimately?

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