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Riot doesn’t want Taliyah midlane although Taliyah jungle is the main problem

Content of the article: "Riot doesn’t want Taliyah midlane although Taliyah jungle is the main problem"

This story begins the moment Taliyah got buffed, one patch ago. The buff consists on better clear on jungle with 100% damage on monsters with Q.

As waited by the entire Taliyah fan base, it maked her Jungle OP, being now one of the top 5 junglers in the game and one of the most picked in high elo. And also her pickrate giga incrased from 0,4% (shared with midlane) to 5%.

How, a champion who excels in roaming and map control, wouldn’t become strong if you makes her spend less time farming and more time ganking?

Hence this make her recive nerfs. Very needed, since smurfs and high elo junglers are abusing her. So what we expect on her to be nerfed? Something that doesn’t affects the others lane Taliyah (midlane, apc and support). Maybe reducing her Q damage on monsters from 100% to 75%.

But no. Riot nerfed the main problem. Yeah. But also is killing Taliyah midlane. They reduced her passive movement speed, which means her roams and ganks will be worse. Its a good nerf if we consider Taliyah as a jungler, but thats where the problem comes:

Taliyah is NOT ONLY a jungler.

And its very surprising to see riot making those “mistakes”. Did you forget about the impact of her nerf in other places but jungle? Here is when you realize that riots wants Taliyah to become a jungler by slowly making unplayable Taliyah midlane.

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Maybe it all started the moment they deleted AOE Q, but since then Taliyah counters started to incrase. Her midlane is barely playable bc her performance against anything but short range unmobile mages is just bad.

I remember last year when riot said they probably will delete Taliyah jungle , but here we are, begging them to not delete Taliyah midlane. I will play her until they make her abilities only damages monsters ( I shouldn’t give em ideas though) but the fact that I practiced Taliyah midlane since her release and now is slowly being deleted is just…funny.

I just sounds like an obsessed psicho. Maybe I am

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