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Shadow Nerf Again (Azir)

Content of the article: "Shadow Nerf Again (Azir)"

According to u.gg Azir has 46.74% wr this patch in Plat+ elo https://u.gg/lol/champions/azir/build which is a very slight decrease from last patch.After 11.1 dropped Azir can no longer proc tear on soldier auto , which wasn't mentioned anywhere in the patch notes.Azir has 2 or 3 buildpath so far in new item system and many players liked the tear buy to delay mythic item for Nashors first . Or like Tear then lost chapter then nashors.But now tear is useless on him.

It takes W (40 mana) + Q (70mana) or E(60mana) to get one stack of the tear which is 3 mana bonus.

He doesnt have any spammable ability to stack the tear so why you would you nerf the only viable way of stacking tear on him. This season its already hard to get huge amount of ap with items changes and D cap nerf. The only way to get a respectable amount of Ap is archangle which you saw being built on every dmg heavy mages in LPL today.

Azir was also hit with the Ravenous hunter changes. Before the spell healing benefitted him for sustain against poke comps , now Riot made it omnivamp so they nerfed it to 11% which will be nerfed again to 9.5% next patch.

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Nerfs after nerfs and then hidden nerfs again and again. Riot gave so many changes to so many champions in preseason to help them find a strong place in the meta but Azir recieved 2 indirect nerfs already. Katarina can get 5 procs of Kraken slayer in her ult in 2.5 second for Gunblade removal compensation and Azir gets kicked because he didnt get any skin "?"Oh wait……he did recieve a skin. So Riot just hates him even though every pro telling Azir's trash after the nerf before last worlds.


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