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So someone sent a detailed email on their Pantheon build to Rossboomsocks and detailed why its the ‘mathematically correct’ way to build Pantheon. I’m not good enough of a player to refute the information. Any good players care to give their opinion on it? Basically they say flat pen > Percent pen

"I have found, tested, and abused a build so OP that I am confident if you post a video on it and your viewers pick it up, it will result in a nerf. This is well beyond Senna crit guinsoo's broken and also has to do with haywire calculations. I've written a full explanation so you can get an understanding of this insanity.

TL;DR – Pantheon breaks lethality calculations and does beyond true damage to nearly all targets.


Right now, people build Pantheon all wrong. They go eclipse, cleaver, and other bruiser items as well as going concqueror because he can quickly stack it. To be clear, this is still a good build, but it actually has some major mathematical flaw relating to armor penetration order of operations.

The way armor pen is calculated in League is in four steps:

  1. Flat Reductions
  2. Percent Reductions
  3. Percent Penetration
  4. Flat Penetration

Flat changes stack additively and percent changes stack multiplicatively. What does that mean? It means that if you have two instances of reducing or penetrating through 100 armor by 10 and10, you have 100 – 10 – 10 = 80. However, if you have two instances of 10%, you have 100 x 0.9 x 0.9 = 81. What happens is that the percent changes decrease the effectiveness of the next percent instance. If I have Pantheon's 30% pen passive and Serylda's Grudge of 30% pen, the resulting pen is 49% instead of the expected 60%. If you also throw in an Eclipse, which should have 16% pen, you only get 41%. That's Awful!

Currently, people think since Pantheon has armor pen build in, you should lean into getting more. This is entirely wrong. Armor penetration % by being calculated before lethality, actually should be paired with the flat penetration of lethality. Whereas armor % pen reduces the efficiency of the next instance of their %, it INCREASES the effectiveness of flat pen by that amount. Actually, because armor is logarithmic, it increases the effectiveness of lethality exponentially.

To be exact, Pantheon's 30% innate armor penetration increases the effectiveness of Lethality by 42.8%

Now let's get into the build….

  1. Prowler's Claw
  2. Essence Reaver
  3. Boots
  4. Lethality Item
  5. Lethality Item
  6. Blade of the Ruined King

This build with Sudden Impact will give you 30% armor penetration and 84 lethality (or 72 at the lowest). What this means is that you will do TRUE DAMAGE to anyone at or below 120 armor (103 at the lowest).

Prowler's Claw also comes with a badass trick. You can use it to climb the wave and then leap stun someone who doesn't expect it. Because of how overloaded with damage this build is, you do not need to use it on your target.

Essence Reaver is the best item on Pantheon in the game. It has everything he could want and sustains him. He casts his Q and W so often that it's procced like crazy, and he can take towers with ease because of it.

The two lethality items you want to get are Youmoo's and Serpent's Fang, depending on Matchup. The Collector is also good and adds more crit chance, but it has less lethality and flat AD than Youmoo's. Pantheon has insane AD ratios, so getting these items are a big part of why this is better than regular bruiser Pantheon.

You've already tried BOtRK and you know its busted on him, it is what takes this from a build that one shots everyone and third healths tanks to one shotting the tanks as well. Keep in mind that you are doing true damage, so BOtRK does a true 10% Current health.

When this doesn't work:

You might think that this is a shit build if the enemy team has tanks. You would be terribly wrong. If you go the typical build of Eclipse and Cleaver on him, the beak even point of penetration between the standard and my wacky build occurs at 304 armor. That's right – you have to be a mega tank for the penetration to be equal! And suppose you don't build the cleaver. The breakeven point doesn't occur until 687.5 armor. No one builds 687.5 armor.

This is the mathematically correct way to build the champion.


  1. Press the Attack
  2. Triumph
  3. Alacrity (Tenacity if needed)
  4. Coup de Grace (Cut Down if they have big bois)

  1. Sudden Impact

  2. Ravenous Hunter

You should go Press the Attack. It is absolutely the best rune. Conqueror is the wrong rune choice for anything but tank Pantheon. The empowered W procs PTA, it makes him incredibly dominant in lane, and it means that your damage with all the stuff mentioned above is multiplied even more. You do beyond true damage. You do 112% of the damage applied. Actually, I take that back; because your combo is Empowered W into Q, you likely get them to below 40% before it's done, and Coup de Grace is procced as well. That becomes 1.12 x 1.08 = 1.209% input damage.

So there you have it. This is some seriously broken shit that I hope you have a blast trying out. Unlike other lethality builds that fall off late, this build actually scales. You can and will always one shot anyone who has less than 3-4 tank items."

Source: reddit.com

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Post: "So someone sent a detailed email on their Pantheon build to Rossboomsocks and detailed why its the ‘mathematically correct’ way to build Pantheon. I’m not good enough of a player to refute the information. Any good players care to give their opinion on it? Basically they say flat pen > Percent pen" specifically for the game League of Legends. Other useful information about this game:

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