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Some champions abilities show the stats on every Rank of the Ability. Why do not all champions have this feature?

Upon hovering over Kayles abilities and pressing Shift (as seen in the picture below) some more detailed information is displayed, as is common on alot of newer champions with more complex abilities. But Kayle does feature some more information. In addition it also displays the abilities damage, cooldown, etc of all ranks of the ability. This feature is very cool and gives alot of information and is especially usefull for trying out new champions when you are unsure witch ability you want to max out first.


Other Champions I found in my quick search that also have this are Aphelios (only on Ult), Morgana (W and Ult), Senna (Q and E), Yuumi (on all abilities), Qiyana (Q, E and Ult), Fiddle (on all abilities)

Newer champions and reworks that did not have these Information are Sett, Volibear, Sylas

I did not check alot of champs but it seems that on all the newer champions feature this information, alteast on some of their abilities witch seems a bit wierd to me that Riot is not consistent with implementing this. And I would wish that these informations are displayed on every champion. I think it is just very usefull information.

If anyone is motivated enough to check all champions feel free to do so and tell me the results.

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tl;dr: Some champions show abilities on all ranks. Some do not. I want it on all champions.

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