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Some Chinese meme draws

I find the openings of a Chinese show focusing on pro plays called Random Plays (瞎β操作) interesting and want to share some of them with this sub.


No need to explain this huh?


T1 Faker. A reference to The Godfather.

This has two meanings: Our Bro Lee is now Boss Lee since Faker has been in T1's management team now, and also since UZI is memed as ThE FoREveR gOd among LPL fans (this is not quite an offense and pro players are using the term),Faker is undoubtedly the god's father because of how he and his team defeated UZI in worlds on every single stage (final in S3, semi in S7, quarter in S6 and group stage in S9).


TES: Ninjas of betrayals (just memes, most people don't blame them).

Jackeylove – IG, Karsa – RNG, Knight – SN.

369 is a dice since he has three forms 3, 6, and 9. Recently he's always been 999 though.

And for Yuyanjia we have Baolan. People joked that Jackeylove escaped from IG only to find that the new support is as bad as Baolan (ofc Yuyanjia is doing great in MSC)


FPX Crisp here.

Fans found his forum account and some of his early age comments like "If I have no sword in my hand, I can't protect you. If I keep holding it, I can't hug you tight.", which sounds too chunibyo, plus some other arguments around lol that you would see daily in the sub. 撕破伤口丶(tear the wound dot) is his ID so people including pros are calling him Childe Tear 撕少

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V5 Mole here

The best player in V5, and has played three roles (mid, jug, and top) in the team whenever the team needs him. "Why not just copy-paste 5 Moles and V5 would be world-class"


IG TheShy, cosplaying Losean

Well if you've watched IG games recently you would know… In IG's consecutive 5 games in MSC (0:3) and summer (0:2 WE), TheShy's KDA was 3/39, and fans hated his Lucian the most. In more recent games IG is picking up their form.


These are from the latest episode. If people like this I'll probably share previous ones. All credit to 抽风的飞机工作室 https://space.bilibili.com/47291/dynamic

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