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Summary on DK/T1/GENG

This will be a short summary of each LCK team at Worlds, with some picks they preferred in the Summer. I actually wrote about HLE + picks at Worlds to look for but it got deleted as no one read it. But I’m posting about the rest of the team in case anyone wants a summary of LCK teams before Worlds gs starts.


They have tied SKT’s record for 3 straight LCK wins, demonstrating their dominance in the past year and a half. They got a bye in the playoffs with the 1st seed in the Summer regular season and dominated the second round of playoffs 3-0 against NS and won in a close match vs. T1 3-1. Their most notable aspect as a team is team fighting. Even last year Summer, they were known for taking and winning 4v5 team fights, and it seems that they continue to dominate through their team fights. Their biggest issue is the laning of their bot lane, Ghost and Beryl.

DK Players

Khan Incredible amount of experience with an equally incredibly amount of presence in the game. He almost never loses lane and is incredibly flexible in the champions he can play at a high level, presumably due to his experience and talent. He can play team fight champions or split push champions depending on what his team needs. One of the best top laners in LCK this season.

Canyon Known for getting great leads through priority in his solo laners last year, he shifted his play style to mix in more ganking and more mid game plays over farming, perhaps due to the jungle change in the middle of this season. He continues to lean towards farm style of jungling, but has shown great results in mixing in ganking. The biggest thing to watch out for are his post 8-10 minutes, where he roams around with another player to make advantages.

Showmaker Probably the best balanced mid laner and best mid laner coming out of LCK. He will almost never lose lane and almost always have a bigger team fighting presence than the opponent mid laner. He is what you look for in a “standard” mid laner. Does all the right things and is better than the opponent mid laner in most aspects. He is the rock of DK and is always doing well even when his team is behind.

Ghost & Beryl They have both been lackluster in their form this whole season. Many local viewers had been critical of Ghost and Beryl, starting from the end of the regular season of Spring. However, they seem to have gotten better from their recent performances from the halfway point of LCK Summer regular season to the finals. Watch out for Ghost on non-ADC champions, such as Syndra or Ziggs. He is probably the best user of mage champions in the bot laner in LCK. Watch Beryl on engage champions, such as Leona or Rell.

T1 After an incredibly up and down season, they rose to the top, all the way to the LCK Finals, where they lost in a pretty close series against DK 3-1. T1 is probably the best macro team in LCK, despite their split pushing issues with Canna at times. They are able to push leads through Rift Herald incredibly well. Their biggest issue is the lack of team coordination prior to a team fight breaking out. They are quick to pull the trigger to a team fight, even when one of the members are not ready right away to fight. Though they have gotten better about this over the season, this problem continues to be a persisting issue for T1. Despite that, I believe T1 has the biggest growth potential out of any LCK team going to Worlds as they improved rapidly after they changed their coaches that are now on DK.

Canna Canna was shown to struggle in the Spring season, perhaps due to the constant roaster changes on T1. After the roster became finalized from the departure of Daeny and Zefa, Canna seems to be back in form. Great laner and good team fighter, he can play any meta champions and has champions on the side he can pull out when the top laner pool is cut short. His biggest issue is lack of map awareness. Notably, he gets killed during laning phase while trying to push his lead, or dies during split pushes from either Fog of War teleports or unexpected enemy players. This often results in T1 to be forced into a 4v5 situation at Baron, partially explaining T1’s hasty decisions to team fight.

Oner The rookie jungler has been incredible from his debut to his LCK finals appearance in his first season. He is a gank-leaning jungler, on the opposite end of Canyon. He has great mechanics and seems to be a more top side focused jungler, focused on helping Canna. He can play any meta jungler at a high level, including Lee Sin, Diana, Nidalee, and Viego. I personally compare Oner’s jungling style to Bengi’s with better mechanics. One point to watch out for is that he is a rookie and has not had much crowd experience in LCK due to COVID restrictions. This may play an important role in his performance at Worlds.

Faker The biggest legend in League of Legends and perhaps the history of esports, everyone who has played League has heard of him. He has incredible experience, and I suspect he is the primary force behind T1’s macro. Though he has had his ups and downs, he has performed at a very high level as playoffs approached. He has the best team fighting out of any of the LCK mid laners this season, and the only mid laner that is better at team fighting than Showmaker out of the four LCK representatives. Even in his mediocre performance versus GENG, he showed poise and awareness during team fights on Ryze. He also performed very well vs DK and HLE, with multiple Azir shuffles that saved the team on both series. His biggest issue is laning phase. He has had shaky laning performances in some regular season Summer games and was dominated by Chovy in lane multiple times in the HLE series right before playoffs and during the Regional Qualifiers. If he fixes his unstable laning performances, I believe Faker will be the best player at Worlds, but as of now, he is 3rd in my LCK mid representatives.

Teddy/Gumayushi/Keria Teddy and Guma are the only swapping roles ever since the starting roster was finalized after the two coaches left. Teddy is player who demands more resources than Guma, in exchange for insane carry potential. He is what you think of as a standard ADC. He has shown great performances on Aphelios and Jinx in the playoffs, as well as his signature pick Ezreal.
Guma seems to demand less resources than Teddy, but has not shown the team fighting presence that Teddy showed. That does not make him a lesser player, however. He showed great flexibility in the champions he plays, and has also shown to be able to play Ziggs during the regular season. The biggest difference in how the team plays depending on these two players is how the team plays in the early game. When Guma is in the game, Oner focuses on getting leads for Canna. When Teddy is in the game, Oner is much more split between top and bot, with Oner focusing on top for the first 5-8 minutes (pre-Rift Herlad fight), and being much more bot centric after. Keria is the hidden MVP of T1. He can play anything, has team fight winning engages, and has impeccable roam timing. Though he has failed to get any POG during the playoffs, many will agree that he has been a consistent player that is consistently great. I believe that the player that is most detrimental if their form falls off for T1 is Keria. He has been the best support in the LCK this Summer. Watch out for his Thresh for roams, Leona for engage, and Braum for teleport using Unsealed Spellbook.

GENG GENG is the team that always performs well in the regular season and has mediocre to bad performance in the playoffs, as even many foreign fans are aware. They are a team that is known to have a great laning phase, but lacks macro to fully utilize their laning prowess, as exemplified by their lack of Gold lead @15. Though any stats don’t tell the full story by itself, this stat certainly matches the context of GENG’s issue. Perhaps their strong regular season performances can be explained by their strong laning phase, which creates stability in their performance, but lacks macro to continue to improve like other teams do as the season progresses. Another issue with GENG is their inability or lack of willingness to adapt to meta picks. They do not follow the meta draft and pick what they want. Though they finished second in the Summer regular season, they had been rapidly decreasing in performance since the second half of the Summer regular season. They even tried swapping their top laner Rascal with Burdol to alleviate their performance issue.


Rascal had shown great performance in Lee Sin, Renekton, and Viego, but was unable to utilize Kennen, Jayce, or Gnar well when they started to become very popular in the LCK. Burdol came in for a total of 6 games this Summer, playing 3 games of Irelia, 2 games of Wukong, and a game of Jayce and showed flashes of potential on his Irelia games. However, Rascal played all four games of the playoffs against T1, and I expect that he will be the starting top laner at Worlds. He must become more flexible in meta picks in order for GENG to improve.


Clid has played a variety of champions in the Summer, ranging from Volibear to Udyr. He has shown very high preference for Volibear in the regular season, though he did not pick it during the playoffs as meta shifted away. He also has a lot of question marks on his ability to play Viego, though that may not matter due to Viego nerfs in 11.17.

Bdd Another very strong laner out of the LCK representatives, he is known for his mastery on Azir. He generates pressure through his laning phase and is able to push leads very well through lane dominant champions, such as Syndra or Zoe. His biggest issue is his draft, just like Rascal. There are many questions to be asked about his ability to play meta picks like Ryze and Leblanc. Though I think BDD is the worst mid out of the LCK representatives this year, he is not far behind the other three at all. I believe he is a world class player and can crush lane against multiple opponents at Worlds. He is one of the bright spots of GENG.

Ruler/Life The only remaining player from Samsung’s S7 World Championship, Ruler is known for his carry performances. He was a key factor in GENG’s rise to the finals in Spring. However, his form looked worse in the second half of the Summer split, especially with the rise of Varus and Ashe (though Varus was already rising in priority in the beginning of Summer split). He continued to look great on Aphelios. I would watch out for Ruler on late game champions that are known for hard carrying games, especially with Riot nerfing Varus and Ashe in 11.18 and buffing other ADs. Specific champions I may keep my eyes on are Aphelios, Ezreal, Kaisa, and Xayah. He is also incredible on Kalista and showed great performances with Life.

Life mostly plays the traditional tanky supports (like most support players in LCK), with heavy preference towards Leona, while also playing Braum, Thresh, Rakan, and various other niche picks. He has shown great comfort on Leona, with some questions to his proficiency on other champions once Leona is either taken away or banned. Some people blame the bot lane’s decrease in lane dominance to Life, but I think the LCK meta shifted more so to be top and mid centric as Varus and Ashe came into the meta.


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