League of Legends

Support stereotypes from solo queue

In response to u/whoevencares21 's ADC stereotypes:

The Off-Meta

Probably autofilled

Why are you playing Darius?

Makes you waste your daily dodge

The Mage

Steals all your kills

Constantly throws abilities into minion waves, wave management is borderline impossible

Took Spellthief's But somehow even on cs with enemy support who has steel shoulderguards/relic?????

Sit back and watch them two shot the enemy ADC

The Roamer

"GG ADC bad" after five minutes of laning and then fucks off to top lane

Best case scenario they will hard carry with map pressure, worst case scenario they're down five levels and just keep flaming ADC

The Hooker God

Lands every hook

Probably challenger

End laning phase 10/0

Pls everyone honour this (wo)man

The Newb Hooker

Plays engage champ but doesn't actually engage

Gets poked down and backs every minute

If they do engage usually it's on half HP and die before the rest of their combo connects

The Enchanter God

Doesn't seem like they're having much lane impact at first but suddenly enemy is chunked down to a quarter health and getting zoned off the wave

You will never die, they press all their active items and even set you up for kills

Will sacrifice themselves for you

About as rare as winning $1000 in the lottery

The Regular Enchanter

"Play safe guys we scale"

Took "stand behind your ADC and support them" a little too seriously, you have no lane pressure and 1v2 with five abilities instead of four!

Not toxic, usually types nice things and lots of "GJ!"

The Senna

Hits 40 souls

Look at me. I am the captain now.

The Streetcat Yuumi

Almost certainly making a sandwich or taking a shit

Manages to hop off at the worst time and dies

Always OOM

Misses half their Qs

The Pedigree Yuumi

She weaves! She ducks! She bodyblocks!

"Why is a man of your talents playing Yuumi?"

Makes the game feel like URF, but only for you

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