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Supports want power fantasy mythics too

Content of the article: "Supports want power fantasy mythics too"

So I've been looking over the item rework changes, and I have a bit of an issue with them. Riot has stated that they want mythic items to empower the player, and feed into their "power fantasy". And right now there is a huge discrepancy between support mythics and the rest.

So for example, right now I've been spamming Bard in ranked, and when I've finished my Deadman's Plate, I really feel like I'm clicking into being being a cool, otherwordly being, zooming around the map with my nifty cape drifting behind me. It's great!

And now with the rework I look at these new mythics for the other classes. You get to become invisible, get crazy damage, become that spell slinging beast, or god killing behemoth that you dreamed of.

And what do supports get?

  1. Your team moves a bit faster (oh and I guess they do a bit more damage too)
  2. You get a shield (oh and you get a little bonus resist aura too)
  3. You heal somebody a little bit every couple of seconds

All of them have exceedingly mediocre stats. A small amount of health. Some resists.

And you know what? These items don't make me feel cool. Sure, when I'm playing support I want to help my team, but I'm also a champion in this game of league of legends. I don't want these disperse AOE auras or small healing effects. Make ME feel like a beast.

TL;DR New mythic items give dope power fantasies to the other classes (well, maybe not tanks). Support mythics vaguely remind me of wet cardboard.

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PS the very LAST thing I want to do at level 13 is spend 1000 gold for a ward item, plus a 2100 gold upgrade. Yes, 3100 gold! What other people are spending on their god tier mythics, I now get to spend on… 2 extra wards, and a bit of CDR!

I'll end this little rant by saying that I'm just an average mid gold player. Maybe higher elo supports really do get excited about having a couple extra wards, or lower stat aura teambuff items.

But I think for a lot of people, I make an extremely valid point.


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