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T1 fans in Korea issuing a strong statement of condemnation

Content of the article: "T1 fans in Korea issuing a strong statement of condemnation"

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T1 League of Legends Team Management Statement of Condemnation

SKT T1 fans from SKT T1 minor gallery (Korean Reddit)

SKT T1 fans are not satisfied with the team management of T1 and publicly denounce for five reasons.

  1. During the LCK playoff and regional qualifier, T1 did not contribute to players to focus and practice for games. T1 made players shoot the advertisement (Hana Bank, SKT 5GX, shooting with BTS), which seriously deteriorates the competitiveness to go to the LOL world championship.
  2. T1 fans are not satisfied with the new coaches, and they thin Polt and LS are not qualified to T1 coaches.
    1. Even though Polt is able to communicate in English and has a successful pro-life in Starcraft 2, he does not know the League of Legends. He unqualifies as a professional LOL coach due to a lack of experience.
    2. LS also has few experiences in BBQ Olivers and broadcasting in LCK Global. He has no experience in coaching the LCK quality teams.
    3. Fans are not satisfied because T1 should set the goal for LOL World Championship 2021, and they are not qualified to achieve the goal for fans and players.
    4. Fans do not want to see T1 making the same mistake in 2021, and they want to have coaches who are qualified and able to reach the goal.
  3. LS has a problem with an ex T1 player, Untara. Fans want to have a proper apology to Untara, not a non-apology, to avoid the incident.
    1. https://www.reddit.com/r/lolesports/comments/afak80/a_full_summary_of_bbq_olivers_attack_on_untara/ (Detail information)
  4. T1 fans continuously mention the late response toward malicious comments about T1 players and weak Twitch chatroom managing. However, T1 recently haa numerous criticism about the management, and T1 quickly tries to respond to this incident, which shows the contradiction of T1.
  5. T1 BMW sponsor car was parked in a handicap zone, which is illegal. Fans want to have a convincing explanation.
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