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Taliyah is the worst champ in League of Legends, but not for the reason you think

When I say worst, I'm of course not referring to a champion's ability to help their team win during a game. I'm referring instead to the amount of suffering a champion has caused, and Taliyah is by far the worst offender. You might ask yourself, what harm has the sweet and adorable rock girl caused that could make her worse than someone like Zed or Katarina? The answer comes from her lore.

As I have no direct evidence proving there is anyone other than me and the other 10 Taliyah mains out there who have read Taliyah's lore, allow me to explain to you. In her adventures to try to learn how best to harness her power, Taliyah ended up in Ionia during the middle of winter. Not long after her arrival, she witnessed one of the most horrible and terrifying things anyone could ever see: Yasuo. Fortunately, he was meditating down the mountain from her, so he had not seen her yet, allowing her to get away unscathed. As luck would have it, the mountain decided to throw an avalanche at her right at that moment. To protect herself, she pulled the earth up around her to make a ramp for the snow to pass over her, keeping her safe. This also had the unintentional benefit of throwing all of that deadly snow down on top of Yasuo, burying him in an icy tomb!

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But for some reason, Taliyah did not want Yasuo to die there. As confused as you are, I was baffled that Taliyah, the girl who would rather get thrown overboard from a Noxian ship than kill innocents, would willingly try to save that monster, knowing full well that if she just backed off, he dies! She rushed down to where he was buried in snow and not only removed him from the snow, but then proceeded to bring him to shelter from the cold and hunt for food to help nurse him to health!

Which is why Taliyah is the cause of so much suffering. Every time the enemy Yasuo hits his 10-death power spike and 1v9s your last game in promos out of Silver. Every time Yasuo gets a new skin that definitely would have looked better on your main that hasn't gotten any attention in over a year. Every time your adc assures you their botlane Yasuo will carry, before feeding 5 kills at 4 minutes, flaming your mid for not roaming, your jungle for not ganking, your top for not bringing TP to help bot, and your support for not picking Leona even though he begged in pre-game for a Blitzcrank, and then psuedo-AFKs in base but still walks around fountain so he isn't hit by Leaver Buster, all the while saying "team diff" in chat and live-updating the enemy on where your jungler is.

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All of that suffering caused to you, as well as your friends and loved ones. All of that is because Taliyah actively chose to save Yasuo's life, when she could have claimed the kill on that terrible monster.

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