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The 8th Annual Lollypoppy Challenge: 2020 Just Got Worse

Content of the article: "The 8th Annual Lollypoppy Challenge: 2020 Just Got Worse"

Hello LeagueOfLegends. Yes, it is that time of year again. As the dawn of the World Championship crests over the polluted horizon, it's time for us to pay homage to the most iconic, beautiful — and quite frankly, mouthwatering skin to have ever been implemented in this game. Seven years ago, we held the very first Lollypoppy Challenge in the week leading up to the 3rd World Championship. Much like Lollypoppy, 2020 has been disheartening and nausea-inducing, so I hope this challenge sparks some joy.

For those who are unfamiliar with this, the Lollypoppy Challenge involves photoshopping the face and head of Lollypoppy onto other Champions in the game. Most importantly, we do not use the new, inferior version of Lollypoppy's splash art, but the bold and brash Lollypoppy of the olden days.

The Rules

This Year's New Victims
Over the years, we've poppified just about every single Champion on the roster. As always, there is a year's worth of new Champions who have been released since then, so it would be fantastic to see the the freshmen of League hazed in the same way. They are the following:

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Seraphine (Not officially released, but there's more than enough material out there to work with!)
Fiddlesticks (Rework)
Volibear (Rework)
And tons of new skinlines like Spirit Blossom and True Damage that weren't around last time.

Top Submissions from Last Year
Qiyana by /u/hereforthef00d
Yuumi by /u/QuadraKev_
Nunu and Willump by /u/G_L_6

For more Poppy inspiration, check out last year's thread!

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