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The enchanter items for the preseason feel like someone at Riot procrastinated on their homework

Content of the article: "The enchanter items for the preseason feel like someone at Riot procrastinated on their homework"

You know the feeling. You have a page to write but forgot about it until the period before its due. You write down the most basic, generic filler that you can to ensure that you at least get a passing grade on it. Your teacher knows you can write better, but it's got all the technical details that they can only give you so low of a grade.

That paper is the same feeling I get from the enchanter items. We know they can do a better job due to their other items. "Hey, this one is like, bonus damage and gives you invisibility on a kill! This one has a conal blast that can even immobilize enemies!" There is no creativity or thought to the enchanter items, and I feel like they completely forgot important aspects of the class.

Like Locket. Holy cow, they're bringing back the locket aura, but it's just a way worse version of how it used to be. Instead of the 15 armor/mr it used to give, now it's 5 and scales up to 13 as supports finish their build (lol). Remember when auras used to be considered problematic because of how unsatisfying they were when weak, and too strong when powerful? Well guess what's back on the menu because we had to plagiarize that homework.

I won't even get into the mythic effects of the other two, they're lackluster as well. But what about stats? Did Riot just… forget that they made enchanters' utility scale with AP? I know there are a couple regular items with AP, but why does a single mythic for supports NOT have any AP? Not like we're losing a fair bit of AP because athene's is simply being removed. Or how about our other stat, ya know, heal/shield power? Not a single bit of that on the mythics? Did they forget? Was there a reason? Why are all the stats the same – health, ability haste, and some third stat? How is that diverse when they're all so similar?

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Riot's already messing with the skill expression of supports by reducing the number of actives we have access to, and now they're making these horrifically boring, generic items? I'm not advocating for enchanter items to get buffed so we can be strong, I just don't want every option to be so gosh darn boring. We already get made fun of for being boring and easier than other classes, so why are those the aspects that were leaned into during the item update?

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