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The League of Legends Meta; Dealing with Doubt and Breaking the Meta

Hey guys! My name is Jamie, but I go by TheDisconnect on EUW servers.

I just managed to hit top 100 challenger (734ish)lp with playing almost exclusively toplane (primary) and midlane (secondary) Zilean. It's absolutely crazy to me.


I've played this game for about 8 years now and I have ALWAYS been told, "no way dude, top Zilean is just a stupid pick which only works in low elo". "Pros would never play it so it's useless". "No way you could compete vs challengers". And so on.

The classic every time I climb a rank, "yeah this isn't gonna work in plat though" then I get to plat and get told "it won't work in diamond though".

I am a person who has historically struggled a lot with self esteem within league of legends and the constant doubt from the players I played with or talked about always made me second guess myself. I just wanna post this showing that me, a complete idiot who plays a stupid champion in a stupid lane for fun managed to get top 100 on EUW. And if you wanna play toplane Nami or midlane Ivern but all your friends keep putting you down saying it's a troll pick and it would never work in a real game while they are inting their ass off on Udyr, I wanna let you know it can work! Just be a beast at the game and enjoy your crazy off meta pick.

Read more:  So someone sent a detailed email on their Pantheon build to Rossboomsocks and detailed why its the 'mathematically correct' way to build Pantheon. I'm not good enough of a player to refute the information. Any good players care to give their opinion on it? Basically they say flat pen > Percent pen

I absolutely love weird picks and I wanna see more, but people think the meta is just set in stone now, and only in s3/4/5 could you do fun stuff. Just because you don't see it in high elo/pro play doesn't mean you cannot make it work. I'm still doing fun stuff and it's making me laugh and enjoy the game as much as possible 😀

And don't get me wrong guys i'm not trying to say literally everything and anything works, i'm just saying you genuinly never know so don't go doubting everything. If you told me i'm gonna get challenger with Akali Jungle I would definitly raise an eyebrow, but hey, who knows! XD

I love league and I love the players who make the best out of it so keep exploring and finding new and weird ways to play! ^__^


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