League of Legends

The LEC ARG / Alternate Reality Game

So, I want to clarify this by saying I did not discover this! Credit to u/HereToPostGoodDay, which is where I saw this first.

The VoiceComms

In the most recent LEC Voicecomms –

– The screen glitches out a few times. This showcases a link (Image here). This takes the player to a new website that I don't believe anyone has seen before.


The New Website

So, after looking at the new website, nothing special about it really. BUT in inspect element, some text is shown saying

'Kevin mentioned about a code at 00:50 of "LEC Press Play?" video?' Image here

So, time to go to that!

LEC Press Start!

This video at 0:50 showcases the Konami Code – Image here

So time to go back and type that into the new website.

Another Website

Now we're onto a new website https://rift.lec.gg/404.html, which first tells the user

"Warning: Message found. Loud volume when playing the message. Lower your volume."

So what's the message?

Well, right now, it's just a lot of noise, but I suspect it's a code to decypher. I will post updates once this information has been found.

But as of 08/03/2021 (17:45 gmt) as I'm typing this, this is where the trail ends. Can't wait to see where this goes!

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Update: <18:46 GMT>

More to add! Thanks to u/201one201 for this!

"Kevin said something odd was happening in the studio. I'm not sure what but you'll need your phone. don't be fooled by empty spaces. and I thought only the client was bugged!. 15/3 23/3 going to be ICONic" is what the audio gives (SSTV decoding). Think we're waiting until those dates for more stuff.

Looks like we're waiting until the 15th of March and the 23rd of March.

The 15th of March is the date the day after the regular season for the LEC ends, so expect some announcement then!

I cannot say anything about the 23rd, nothing special about it as far as I'm aware.

Source: reddit.com

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