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The Make-A-Wish champion, Kadarin (Heat Based ADC)

Back in 2016 TotalBiscuit gave his 'Design a Champion' over to a Make-A-Wish teenager named Samuel. Samuel and his family took a trip to RiotGames and designed Kadarin, described as a "space bounty hunter". The character was made a prototype and Samuel got to enjoy playing him against other Riot employees, however that's about where the idea of Kadarin stopped.

I've always wondered what it would be like if we actually got Kadarin however, a marksman who had a heat system and more than likely dual firearms much like Lucian and MF. Kadarin was described as a Noxian gladiator who was denied a good death by Draven and instead was left crippled, he had loyal companions who dragged him with them all the way to Zaun where he gave himself over to experimentation (Viktor maybe?) hoping it would allow him to seek a warriors death and Draven's head. I love this idea, rusty but could be great with polish.

It's hard to fit into a diverse league of characters, two of which already have dual-firearms, and another who has the sole heat system in the game. However, I think the character could be a lot of fun to tackle now that the team has had more experience with successes and failures in the last 4 years. While I don't claim to be a game developer, designer, or even good at champion balance. I'm a player who has had ~10 years of experience with the game we all know and tolerate, I've seen characters crawling in the muck ascend to new heights, and champs who were incredibly broken get their kneecaps bashed in, twice. I've also seen Jax literally get removed from the game for being too strong, and Gangplank for DYING. The game has evolved and I think it'd be fantastic for the League of Legends team at Riot to revisit Samuel's champion idea!

Now I don't come here posting fairytales of old and hopeful words of a beta player, I have some ideas. While I'd love to add AD/AP scaling, level scaling, and ranges, I don't trust myself to make good calls on those departments however any ideas will be welcomed and I'd love to edit them in!For now I have some general ideas of how the character could function and I'll throw my initial ideas on this post!

Note: A lot of the language I will use for the Heat portions will be related to Rumble. It's a well designed champion, hard to make up a brand new heat system.

Kadarin, The Arsenal of Zaun

Passive: Heat Emitting Zaunite Repeaters

Kadarin gains Heat each time he fires a basic attack or uses a basic ability (2 Heat for Auto Attacks, 20 for Rail Shot, and 15 for Prototype Missile) and loses 5 heat per second after not auto attacking or using abilities for 2 seconds. Kadarin gains Searing Systems when at or above 50 heat, and Emergency Dispersion when at 100 heat.

Searing Systems: Kadarin's abilities and auto attack speed are enhanced. Auto attacks now generate 3 heat per shot.

Emergency Dispersion: Kadarin's auto attacks are disabled and he gains a large amount of movement speed for 4 seconds. During this time, his abilities all gain additional, powerful effects.

Beam Shot (Q, 3s CD)

Kadarin fires a short-range beam shot at a target enemy from the pack on his suit, dealing physical damage and marking them for 6 seconds. (Generates 20 Heat)While marked, the enemy champion gains the debuff Tactical Compromise. If an enemy champion with Tactical Compromise is hit with an additional Beam Shot or Prototype Missile, they are dealt additional physical damage and slowed 20% for 2 seconds and the mark is consumed.

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If a non-champion is the target of Tactical Compromise, they receive additional true damage when the mark is consumed.

Searing Systems: Beam Shot's cooldown is lowered and enemies are slowed for 35%.

Emergency Dispersion: Beam Shot's range is increased and damage is increased.

Violent Exhaust (W, 20s CD)

Kadarin initiates a Heat dispersion function on his life support suit. His suit exhausts all of its Heat over 1.5 seconds in a small radius around him, dealing a small amount of magic damage to enemies.

Once his Heat is fully exhausted, the suit releases a powerful burst of hot air and knocks all enemies back to Kadarin's auto attack range. While Kadarin is exhausting Heat, he is free to move as normal however he cannot auto attack while exhausting.

Searing Systems: Violent Exhaust deals more magic damage while Heat drains and Kadarin's auto attacks deal additional magic damage for 3 seconds afterwards.

Emergency Dispersion: Violent Exhaust emits flames dealing massive magic damage to enemies and ignites all enemies caught in the burst dealing damage over time.

Prototype Missile (E, 8s Cooldown)

Kadarin fires a spiraling unstable missile that deals physical damage to first enemy it hits and 80% damage to additional enemies. (Generates 15 heat)

If a target is affected with Tactical Compromise, then Prototype Missile locks on to that target and ignores other enemies. In the case of two targets being present with the mark from Beam Shot, the missile prioritizes the target closest to your cursor.

Searing Systems: Prototype Missile's fly speed is increased and fires an additional missile.

Emergency Dispersion: Prototype Missile's fly speed is greatly increased and fires a firework display of weaker missiles that target any enemy champions within range.

Unstable Biochemical Reagent (U.B.R, 120s Cooldown)

Kadarin's suit deploys an unstable canister of a dangerous Zaunite concoction. He fires the canister to a target area, dealing magic damage upon impact.

The canister spins around and emits a dangerous fume in a large radius around it dealing magic damage constantly for 2 seconds. At the end of 2 seconds, the U.B.R explodes dealing massive magic damage and stunning enemies caught in the explosion for 0.75 seconds.

Ability Rotation:

Heat is tricky so his favored rotation would be, 2 AA > Beam Shot > 3 AA > Prototype Missile > 3 AA (Searing Systems) > Beam Shot Enh.> 5 AA > Beam Shot Enh. (Emergency Dispersion) > Prototype Missile Max. > U.B.R > Violent Exhaust Max.

While his rotation isn't overly complicated, heat provides mainly complications in his laning phase. He has weaknesses to consider for being a champion who lacks a mana pool.

  • Ganks implore the use of Violent Exhaust to keep melee junglers at bay, however that reduces your heat thus reducing your damage ramping. A well timed Violent Exhaust can stop a gank or a dive, but a poorly timed one can leave him wide open.
  • His auto range and beam shot range will be fairly low, landing beam shot will allow Prototype Missile to keep enemies poked at range, but closing the initial range will be his primary weakness. His auto and Beam Shot range should be around Kindred's or Quinn's auto range.
  • Tactical Compromise allows him to gap close and kite, however, knowing he needs this setup or higher heat to make the slow more significant makes ganking him with no heat an important advantage.
  • When Emergency Dispersion is active he can no longer auto attack but gains distinct strengths, however he essentially becomes a melee caster, making him an easy target for ranged characters with kiting abilities.
  • He has a singular knockback ability to deny melee attacks or assassins, therefore supports will have to be very watchful of angles to assist him from. Enchanters will have an easier time healing or shielding, while Tanks will be in a much-less comfortable spot in lane alongside Kadarin. Poke supports like Senna, Pyke or Vel'koz add greatly to the lane's lethality however because of Kadarin's lack of hard CC, they would be the primary source for a lock down in a fight.
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His strengths more or less equal his weaknesses, as most adcs can say. He doesn't have thousands of tricks up his sleeves, but fighting him at the right time and choosing your battles when playing as Kadarin is extremely important.

  • Violent Exhaust can keep melee characters at the perfect range for kiting with Beam Shot and Prototype Missile. As well as auto attacking, exhausting your heat isn't the best gambit, but if it allows you to survive, it's worth it, especially since you can move and fire abilities while it's active.
  • The slow from Tactical Compromise can be maintained with a high cooldown build, or if Beam Shot and Prototype Missile are juggled correctly without exceeding Heat limitations. Kiting becomes easier, and the damage from both at medium and maximum Heat levels makes it dangerous to stay near Kadarin for too long if you can't guarantee a trade or a kill.
  • His auto attacks enhance as his heat increases, meaning laning with an enchanter support like Nami, Lulu, or Janna he can maintain damage or range easily.
  • Team cohesion is extremely important in League of Legends, and U.B.R is a devastating tool to use. When paired with hard CC ultimates much like it, U.B.R can bring massive damage to a team fight, the radius is large and the damage overtime is decent however the main usage comes from the massive magic burst and stun. In a 1v1 or 2v2 scenario, slowing enemies with Beam Shot and Prototype missile's at medium Heat can provide a much needed slow in order to catch enemies in U.B.R.
  • When paired with U.B.R, Violent Exhaust at Maximum heat can absolutely decimate a teamfight. A magical burst of damage and a stun, combined with damage over time from a close range Violent Exhaust can ignite vulnerable enemies. However, the blast from the ability splits up the enemy team, so I hoped you already used all that AoE burst.

Lore… Kind of!

The idea for all of Kadarin's abilities comes from Samuel's original vision as a "Space bounty hunter", we all usually think of Boba Fett instantly, however because there isn't much space fairing in Runeterra it needed to be rooted in the world. Other ideas that crawled out of the prototype graveyard were Kadarin being a Noxian gladiator who was denied a warrior's death by Draven then horribly crippled and managed to end up in Zaun.

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My take on this is Kadarin escaped Noxus with loyal companions or fellow rejected gladiators, ending up in Piltover's undercity, Zaun, where experimentation on the body and mind was the only way to surpass those above the Zaunites. Viktor would be the most likely candidate, turning Kadarin from a broken man into a deadly cybernetic arsenal that is as close to non-human as Viktor is.

Kadarin's body was torn to shreds and rebuilt by Viktor, the agony could be heard down all the putrid streets, a sound many of Zaun were used to when dealing with the metal man. Eventually Kadarin emerged a different man, but still held on to his shame and anger towards his ridicule in the arenas of Noxus. He would never wage war on his home, but would undermine Draven's attempt at heroics at any possibility.

Viktor granted him the tools needed to disrupt Noxus, stolen and reconfigured Hextech firearms that are connected to his body's core, constant use of the firearms would overload them with deadly energy however if not exhausted regularly they could prove to be fatal to him as well. Aside from the firearms, he was outfitted with similar prototype technology to Viktor, being that his Beam Shot comes from his chest, his prototype missiles fire from his back, and he exhausts heat from his legs, back, and soles of his feet.

With his body enhanced by the Machine Herald, and his mind hell-bent on reclaiming his glory and dignity he deserve, the Arsenal of Zaun was determined to finally earn his warrior's death.

Wrap It Up Already.

That's about it! If you have any ideas, stats you'd like to tag on, or just enjoy rambling about champion ideas I'd love to hear them! Making lore for a character like this would prove difficult for the world, but I wanted to primarily focus on the combative experience upon first posting, but I'd love to develop his lore as well, if he found a place in the world of Runeterra, he could leave a disturbingly large mark on history.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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