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The Splashes Recently Are Really Weirdly Proportioned

Content of the article: "The Splashes Recently Are Really Weirdly Proportioned"

TLDR: two girl have small arm, me angy

Whoever drew the splash arts for KDA All Out Kaisa and Base Seraphine has really weird proportions for the arms, which are either too short or too small or both in both cases.

Base Seraphine with Outline

Seraphine Outline Only

In Base Seraphine's case, her right arm is meant to be pointed slightly up but mostly outwards towards the audience, like she's pointing her microphone towards you to "hear your song" and such, but the foreshortening is just off enough that in isolation her arm is too short.

If her right arm were to be in proportion with her left, it should be a little more like this:

Seraphine Outline (Fixed)

Similar case with KDA All Out Kaisa, whose left arm isn't even supposed to be foreshortened, at least according to what I'm seeing. She has it extended out sideways and bent upwards, not forward in anyway, meaning there should be no reason for the proportions to be this way.

KDA All Out Kaisa with Outline

KDA All Out Kaisa Outline Only

KDA All Out Kaisa (Fixed)

Kaisa with Fixed & Unfixed Outlines

I know there's been a lack of oversight on proportions in these splash arts before (see Arcade Caitlyn's neck a few years ago) but these two are just too glaring to be brushed off as stylistic choices. I haven't even touched the weirdly long thighs on both of them, or the tightness of the waist areas, which they actually could brush off as stylistic choice.

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Edit: Added Kaisa w/ the 2 outlines overlayed

Edit 2: A lot of you are saying the edits don't change anything/this is stupid to complain about, and you're both right. I just want to get it off my chest, like how a lot of people on this sub vent about their toxic rank experiences, but those are valid too.

Edit 3: Also not hopping on the Sera hate train, there's more than enough of that already and this is not a critique of Sera, but a critic of two pieces of splash art. The art could be about Odyssey Sivir and you wouldn't say thats a hate train at all.

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