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The updated tank itemization is not comparable in strength to other classes’ new itemization

Content of the article: "The updated tank itemization is not comparable in strength to other classes’ new itemization"

After seeing the posts about support itemization in the new season such as this one, I wanted to share my thoughts on the tank itemization changes coming to the game.

Starting right off, there is a lot of mana being stripped out of tank itemization. Iceborn Gauntlet and righteous glory are both being upgraded to mythic items, but they are losing their mana. Abyssal Mask is being redone as well, and does not include mana anymore, so the only tank mana option now is frozen heart. This is a huge deal because champs such as Sion and maokai are mana hungry and now have to make big sacrifices to get access to mana, whereas other classes such as mages have it readily available.

Taking a look at the new items for ADC's and mages, I am very concerned with how readily available true damage is going to be if these items are not changed. True damage is supposed to be reserved for special cases to enhance the identities of individual champions as tank busters. It's not supposed to be available to every champion through items such as Kraken Slayer and Axamuk's Folly. Are ADC's and mages not yet good enough at killing tanks that they need to have true damage on one of their mythic items? Not to mention all of the % penetration they are adding for those classes. For god's sake, they have a rune in the precision tree which simply gives % penetration for free.

This all being said, I think that there are some wonderful things being done to tank items. All of the mythic items having mixed resistances is a good change, because it gives tanks a real one item spike that allows them to withstand both damage types, as opposed to the past where one would have to choose which type of damage they wanted to beef up against and which type they wanted to stay vulnerable to for the early game. Another good change was to add the immolate passive to all of the mythic items, meaning tanks can get access to decent waveclear even in matchups where early MR is necessary. All in all, for tanks that do not use mana or have low mana costs such as Zac or Mundo, these changes are wonderful. And in terms of MR options, the addition of force of nature, the mixed resistances on mythic items, and the broadening of abyssal mask's purpose make it feel as though tanks have real choices in their MR itemization.

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I understand that riot's philosophy with the new item system is to make items more satisfying for all and fulfill power fantasies for all kinds of champions, but I'm really not seeing where the tank stats are increasing to match this sudden influx of tank busting potential. It makes me nervous that we will return to a meta akin to season 8 where tanks are tossed to the side. For the first time in a while the game is in a spot where every champion class has a place in the game. No one class is completely unplayable, and I'd hate to see that balance disappear in the next season.

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