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This has become a genuinely awful place to be as a league of legends fan

This subreddit used to be a lot of fun with a bunch of cool plays, debates, and fun shitposts. Now it's just a pit of negativity and hatred. I still come to see news so I don't get behind on what's happening in the scene. No matter what there are threads crapping on Riot, champion design, NA LCS, NA SOLOQ, NA players, client, bugs, etc.. The sad thing is these used to be discussions, now it's just straight up hatred and flame. Yeah boo hoo me right? The point is there is 0 and I mean ZERO actual discussion value or fun to any of this. Oh LCK has a really cool new player 1v1 styled like a fighting game?! Cool, can't wait to see the comments and see how excited the community is like I was when I saw it and discuss its intricacies! Oh… wait of course it's just an entire thread shitting on and flaming LCS production. How is this even a forum board for discussion anymore? At this point we might as well seperate NA and EU so we both can actually discuss things instead of some stupid flame war that is constantly at the forefront of this subreddit. I know that most of you will just say that I'm soft or a baby or some nonsense but I miss the actual fun that this subreddit used to be. This place as become a boring useless mess that needs to be fixed.

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Edit: To a lot of the people saying that this post is part of the problem: I actually agree with you, don't worry. I am not perfect and had my outbursts as well, but I have been here for a long time and am sincerely passionate about league of legends and this subreddit. Maybe I'm a terrible person also, maybe I made this thread knowing that but hoping for change anyways. I get it that I shouldn't expect change from this but I wanted to express my feelings and did not imagine this would blow up so hard. So you can flame me, I understand, but I hope that this atleast became a place for actual discussion on the state of this subreddit. I also agree that people should be allowed to complain but I also feel that it has become too much sometimes.

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