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Thoughts on Seraphine after playing her in PBE

Content of the article: "Thoughts on Seraphine after playing her in PBE"

I have been playing with Seraphine on PBE for a bit and I have some thoughts about her gameplay.

Firstly, she does not play like Sona at all. Sona's gameplay is centered around giving auras to her team, just basically pressing q+w+e when necessary, as there is no aiming required. Seraphine's Q and E are both skillshots, Q is an execute that is very similar to a Corki Q, but it expands from the center, it doesn't just do damage over the area instantly.

W is a way higher range than a Sona aura, it's most similar to Karma's Mantra E in that it gives shield and move speed in a large area around her. The way that Seraphine and Sona heal allies is different, Sona heals are very good at topping allies' health up, as it is a base level heal. Seraphine's empowered W is basically a redemption that follows her around, it heals after a few seconds.

Her E is probably her best ability, it's her main wave clear and CC. I saw some people on Reddit saying she has bad wave clear, maybe you maxed Q? You need to max E for wave clear as the damage to minions penalty reduces per level, you just shoot an empowered E through the minion wave and then Q, and you've basically killed the whole wave. This ability is really strong, with a really long range as well. You can easily do a lot of poke with it.

Honestly she is way more similar to Neeko than Sona. Her trading pattern is almost identical to Neeko. Use E to root them and then Q to follow up, can also use empowered autos in the trade as well. The gameplay pattern actually has very little similarities with Sona.

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Lastly, the ultimate is also very strong, you can hit people from very far away by chaining it through your allies and even enemies. In my first game I was able to hit an enemy under tower with it from a large distance (think 2000+ range) so she can help in tower dives from a safe range.

Overall I think the initial reaction to Seraphine as 'Sona 2.0' was unwarranted, if you actually play Seraphine for yourself then you'll see the two champs have very little in common. She is more similar to Neeko + Karma if anything.

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