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Viego is obviously being set up for a character arc, specially when you consider who is one of the upcoming champions

I've seen thread after thread complaining about many aspects of Viego. His appearence has been talked about time and time again, but what people really don't seem to pay attention to is how its obvious that Viego's personality and attitude are quite obviously going to change, and the main reason for this is one of the champions that Riot has teased.

For those who don't know, Riot teased the next(?) champion with some sewing related puns in their


Now for a while, we've been wanting to add more magic damage fighters, especially one tailor-made for top lane. We believe snipping a bigger space out of our roster for AP fighters will not only lead to more diversity in top lane, but also, more choices for other lanes as well. And with that goal in mind, we began to sew together a new champion for the Ruined King's return.

If the puns weren't obvious, the image they used is also a sewing kit with the Ruined King's symbol in it. Why does that matter? Well, because Viego's Bio talks about a very important seamstress character:

He showed little interest in his position until he met a poor seamstress, Isolde. So taken was he by her beauty that the young king offered her his hand in marriage, and thus, one of the most powerful rulers of the age was wed to a peasant girl.

And if it wasn't obvious enough, his color story makes sure to emphasize it:

Sometimes, her hands lacked the calluses of a seamstress, but other times, they were gnarled and thick from long days holding scissors and needles.

Yeah, people, there is only one seamstress related to Viego, and that is the queen herself, Isolde, the same queen whose death led Viego to do every stupid thing he did. This is extremely important, because Viego's personality obviously focuses a lot on his quest to have his queen back, and we also know that her return will not be as he expects, because in the same video they tease her, they also say:

But where do their loyalties lie: with Viego? Or with Senna and Lucian in the fight for hope?

One could look at the vague question as if she could actually end up helping Viego and they become a generic evil power couple, but why would they specifically throw Senna, Lucian and "fight for hope" as an alternative to Isolde's husband? She will not side with him, and that is sure to affect Viego in a major way. Just like Lucian when Senna was released, Viego will likely have his lines, specially those related to Isolde, changed, remember that this season is focused on him, so its not like they need to bring back the voice actor, they probably already have the updated version recorded and ready for the queen's arrival.

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Now, I'm not saying that its a guarantee that Viego will have a cool and amazing story arc, but this is the first time a character is released with the sole purpose of being immediatly changed, the closest thing we had was Gangplank's rework, but even then, he only got a new default appearence after his "return from death", Viego's whole character is likely to change, and I think we should all keep that in mind before criticizing him as shallow or anything like that, because if this ends up being a good thing, it will be amazing to not just read a character arc, but experience it in the game itself instead, the idea has a lot of potential and its a really cool thing.

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