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Watching Challengers Uprising makes me so sad that NA orgs refuse to develop resident players.

Content of the article: "Watching Challengers Uprising makes me so sad that NA orgs refuse to develop resident players."

These players are fucking GOOD. If an NA team takes a gamble and tries to develop a team with the core of Tenacity-Kenvi-Copy i will be a fan for life. If a single other org had the ability to develop talent like C9 does then these guys could become upper pack players. The one thing bottom tier NA teams are missing is an actual hunger to improve and prove themselves. You think sOAZ gives a fuck about improving and growing with IMT? Fuck off, replace the entire team with rookies and even if they get last place, at least theyre hungry to prove themselves and actually become something.

There are so many players in NA soloq that are actually fucking good and they're either rotting in academy while washed up veterans steal paychecks or they're playing in 3rd party tournaments like challengers uprising when they could be on LCS teams. I realize im beating a dead horse at this point and lots of people have been saying this but nothing is changing so WAKE THE FUCK UP! PLEASE! THESE PLAYERS ARE FUCKING GOOD! They deserve to be given an opportunity and with good development they can become top tier. Tenacity is fucking disgusting. Kenvi is fucking disgusting. Copy is fucking disgusting. Put these players in the LCS and maybe people will actually start giving a shit about teams that aren't TSM-TL-C9 since they get to see what the young players in this region can do. No one wants to watch sOAZ get destroyed by ssumday's aatrox while first timing Camille in LCS its boring. Why are players who have been in the LCS for years and have never been more than mediocre still playing instead of a hungry rookie.

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Give these players a fucking opportunity they deserve it

Get sOAZ out of this league


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