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What I’ve learned playing league.

General rule of thumb I go by when in soloQ If you’re playing top, your jungler is the dumbest person in the game. If you’re playing jungle, your top laner is the dumbest person in the game. If you’re midlane, everyone’s and idiot. If you’re adc, your support is the dumbest person in the game. If you’re support, your adc is the dumbest person in the game.

People don’t like to play tanks/enchanters because then they have to leave the “carrying” up to someone else, and let’s be real everyone in your game is an idiot.

Every Yasuo on your team ints. Every Yasuo on the enemy team 1v9s this is the same for Akali, Katarina, Irellia, jg Nidalee, Master Yi, Riven, Vayne, Ezreal, Zyra and Brand.

The enemy teams top laner is a tank, or a good frontline champ, while yours is Quinn, Teemo, Vayne, or Lucian.

Nobody understands how to draft a comp. Full ad comp with mid being last pick. Locks in Yasuo, Yone, Zed, or Talon.

Your mid Fizz, TF, Talon, Akali, Katarina or LB can’t roam at all. TF ults to get back to lane, Talon hasn’t put a point in E and he’s level 6.

Neither top or mid can look at their minimap, contest a skuttle crab, or rotate for an objective.

Your adc either can’t cs or can’t team fight. It’s one or the other. Or if you’re really lucky, it’s both. And you think they’ll follow up if you engage a fight? HA what a joke.

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Your support Leona, Alistar, Rakan, Pantheon, or Sett are terrified of the enemy, so much that they’re standing at turret while your trying to farm.

Your support Janna heard of the guy who made diamond by only using Janna E. But, they only use it on themselves. You thought Janna was going to ult to save you/heal you? WRONG flash in and ult the 18/2 Nasus with 5k stacks right onto your face.

Your support Yuumi is actually in the bathroom playing wildrift on their phone.

You can 1v9 a game but that support zyra that has pen boots will out damage everyone by 60k damage.

Your adc Vayne, Lucian, Ezreal, Kalista, or anyone with gale force will dash into the blitz pull, or thresh hook.

Your Varus can’t even Q the minions in his face let alone land an ult.

Your Zilean, lulu or Kayla will never ult you.

You don’t have a top laner if it’s Nasus, Yorick, Illaoi, or Tryndamere. They’ll have 400 cs at 20 minutes though.

Nobody respects your calls. 19 enemy players bot lane, but that baron call is horrible. Despite you all already in the baron pit.

Nobody understands objectives. That guy top lane when dragons being contested and he doesn’t have tp. He walks all the way to dragon pit rather than pushing top to inhib.

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Your top laner will die level 2 tp back, and will die again. Then buy boots, run back and die a 3rd time.

Your adc doesn’t want to recall ever, they just want the shop to come to them. Sitting on 7.5k gold, gotta get that half of a turret plate.

Your support is top lane even though you’re level 4 and mirrored a recall. They’re refusing to come back to lane until you get turret dove by 3 people. But if you say anything they rage and refuse to come back to lane. Then bitch when you have 75 cs at 25 minutes and have died 4 times.

Shen will always have his ult up and will save the enemy. However yours is ulting the full health TF when he starts ulting because teleporters go brr.

Everyone can play your champion better than you. They know EVERY mechanic even if they have never played the champion before.

Your teammate is never wrong. And, if they are. You should keys, hard R, terminal cancer, frogget, cry more, tri hard.

Your jungler will never gank, they’ll just be playing pve. But not for dragons, dragons are spooky.

Or, your jungler will invade, die, invade again, die, invade again, and uh die. Then they afk.

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Your mid lane will be down 15-200 cs while the enemy mid lane is living bot lane, they have a nice little tent set up in the alcove. It’s nice, little camp fire and shit. But at least they’re getting the turret right? No. It’s full hp. In fact I think it gained health.



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