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Why is Adaptive Helm being removed?

Content of the article: "Why is Adaptive Helm being removed?"

This item was introduced to help against mainly against DoT magic damage. This includes Brand, Teemo, Cassiopeia, Malzahar, Rumble, Mordekaiser, Lillia; champs against which other magic resistance items are less helpful because once they have a Void Staff, they shred you easily, especially whan combined with Liandry. Mordekaiser doesn't even need a Void Staff, thanks to his E; just with Liandry, he will quickly shred any tank that lacks Adaptive Helm.

Adaptive Helm is extremely helpful against those champs because it has a passive that directly reduces repeated magic damage. Speaking of which, it is not just against DoT that it is helpful. It is also helpful against spammable spells (Vladimir, Ryze, the aforementioned Cassiopeia, etc), on-hit magic damage (Kayle, Kai'Sa, etc), spells with multiple instances (Syndra's ultimate, etc) – but it is against DoTs that it is the most useful, due to Liandry. A champion that has Liandry and magic penetration will shred any tank, regardless of magic resistance (some of the aforementioned champs have % max health on their kits, without Liandry). Adaptive Helm helps against that because it ignores magic penetration, allowing the tank to last more time in a teamfight, for example, without being shredded so easily.

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Without Adaptive Helm, what will be the defense against the aforementioned champions? Because it is very difficult to itemize against them otherwise and they shred tanks way too easily. Most of the magic damage itemization has been designed to help against burst, but not against DPS/DoT; this is unlike armor, which we have tons of options against both physical burst and physical DPS.

Especially due to the new items, we really need Adaptive Helm to stay. For example, Liandry's Anguish (Liandry's Torment rework) will give the user a DoT that scale with AP and deals damage based on the enemy's max health, on top of giving 5% magic penetration on each DoT instance, for a maximum of 25% magic penetration. Or Riftmaker, which is still helpful for DoT champs even without % health damage because it increases the magic damage done and it gives even more magic penetration. Or Demonic Embrace, which gives you a DoT that causes % health damage as magic damage. While it is less than Liandry, and it doesn't give magic penetration, it has the advantage of not being a mythical item, so it can be combined with Liandry or with Riftmaker.

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Is there any reason to why Adaptive Helm is being removed? How will tanks be compensated for that removal?

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