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Why is Yone’s E so overloaded

So recently, I was playing Mordekaiser and I R Yone while right after he presses E and even though his E is within my R it still breaks it. That just doesn’t seem intuitive. But furthermore Yone E is one of the most frustrating abilities in Yone’s Kit. It gives a small dash, speed up, damage buff, cc cleanse and allows you to dive without real consequence unless you mess up really bad. Like I understand some abilities need to be overloaded but I really wish they’d tone back Yone’s E. Personally I think it would be nice to remove the cc cleanse or make it so if he gets cced at the end of the ability the soul goes back to him instead of how it is now. I’m just curious to see who else thinks this ability is ridiculously annoying and what they think would be best to tone it down?

Edit: Can we keep the discussion civil, I know there’s a lot of mixed feelings about the champion but it’s really unnecessary to call names or send rude DMs.

Also I am not talking about Yone being “OP” just annoyingly overloaded and would like it if riot could shift some of his power around to be less of a pain to deal with.

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Furthermore, the fact I was playing Morde is only relevant in my example of his canceling my R with his E while both he and his E were in my R and he wasn’t in the snap back animation when I casted it. In fact he was in there for a good 2-3 second before snapping back and it just didn’t make any sense for it to cancel my R since my R wouldn’t prevent him from returning to his body and that’s what I mean by unintuitive.

I also see a lot of people arguing about whether or not Yone E is like Zed R which is partially true in the fact that it’s an ability that takes does more damage at the end based on the damage done before the pop but obviously Yone E is weaker damage wise but it’s still a crazy thing to have on a basic ability and doesn’t make an immense amount of sense why he needs it when he already has a lot of other strong tools.

The biggest change that I think I’ve seen that I agree with would be limiting the range so that Yone has to think about where he casts it and he can’t just continuously run you down during the duration of his E. It’s very frustrating if you are playing an immobile champion who can’t put dps Yone early because he can continually run you down and if the trade goes badly or the jungler comes he can snap back to safety in most situations. While you as a mage have probably used cooldowns and mana to defend yourself or escape. And Yone only has to worry about health since his mana-less

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