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Why play ADC? Just play Brand.

Content of the article: "Why play ADC? Just play Brand."

There is no real reason for you to play marksmen over Brand (or other similar mages) in bottom lane carry position right now. I love ADC and have been playing nothing but adc for some years with the occasional support game, but the role in solo q (with no duo) at least is meaningless right now. Just play Brand. You can get so much more done with so much less effort. You can play utterly terribly and still outdamage the fed lethality marksman on the opposing team playing their little heart out.

– With Liandry's and maybe demonic embrace, you are better at tank busting than non-vayne/kog marksmen with kraken (if they are ignored by the enemy) without having to really sacrifice anything when it comes to killing squishies

– Opponent cant just buy plated steelcaps and ignore you and you're tankier than a marksman with no real damage tradeoff

– You start doing crazy damage at 1-2 items instead of having to wait until 2021 to get your core items, and that crazy damage is AoE

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– You can also just half pay attention to last hitting and watch Queens Gambit instead because you dont need that much gold to be able to perform

– You dont have to stop watching Queens Gambit past laning either since you can just faceroll on the keyboard if a teamfight starts or someone ambushes you

– You have good waveclear and harass with abilities, mana stopped being a big concern multiple seasons ago

– You can take down turrets at alright pace and you do respectable damage to dragon + baron because of %max hp damage that rivals non-vayne and kog marksmen. Also Leona cant comfortably 1v1 you because you have solo kill potential without dying to a sneeze so you can push turrets alone instead of having to go to base unless you see the entire enemy team top or have a chaperone

– You have a stun that you can use instead of having to watch that support miss their cc

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– Even if you miss all your abilities in a teamfight, just press R and E to chunk the entire enemy team for 25-75% hp and you win because the opponent has a marksman and you dont. Same if you get caught, just get R off and you win. Or use zhonyas and then R.

– You avoid full AD teams when the 3 influential roles all lock in their rivens and yasuos

ADC/marksmen is hopeless right now and they dont actually do anything special. Even if they can be more fun to play because you have to pay attention to the game instead of occasionally pressing WER in a teamfight in the vague direction of the opposition, if you want to win with less effort you might as well play mages bot.

Just play Brand.

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