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You are most likely going to witness the same pro meta again this year despite item overhaul

Content of the article: "You are most likely going to witness the same pro meta again this year despite item overhaul"

I call this the Canyon special:

  • 6 min dragon

  • 8 min herald

  • Use Herald to build lead

  • Use lead to create gold gap, gold gap alone gives 2nd dragon

  • Second dragon alone forces a rotation on 3rd dragon, because you give up soul point if you dont fight. Chances are you will lose dragon fight, because of the same gold lead that lost you the previous 2 dragons

  • Forced to group at dragon no matter what for soul, most of the time for 1% steal or to get obliteratedand lose a fight + soul + baron

  • Have extremely low chances of coming back, because comeback mechanics dont exist past a certain time unless you are 5 lategame champs playing vs 5 midgame champs with bricks in their heads

  • Lose the game from basically being strangled from 6 min onwards.

Dragon importance makes for boring games where map play matters less, and sidelanes becomes invisible and it does not create "big teamfights" that fans like so much.

Most of the time the losing team just watches the winning team take the objective and backing off, or taking a very small win trade like 3 plates for a Dragon or a tower.

I find it extremely boring that you can accurately predict whats going to happen 3-4 minutes in advance, because the openings for plays has been reduced by this meta.

Its like tiki-taka football with 40-50 passes before a shot at goal(Barcelona 2009-2013). You can admire the skill and art in it, but it makes up for extremely boring football for the viewer.

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The dragon meta alone makes toplane more of an Island and it boils down to just having the more durable toplaner or the toplaner with most global impact, ie Gangplank.

It creates a jungle counterpick fiesta where you cant ever handshake something, and you have to play out of your mind on the losing matchup because the game is very early game focused from the jungle role.

Midlane are no longer a dick measuring contest of skill, they have become prio machines. Why risk it and play Irelia and take a dump on the enemy team, if you dont take any risk at all and play Corki/Azir and waveclear forever while you get stronger and stronger. This meta alone kills off like 60% of the mid lane champion roster.

Nobody will play hypercarries because they pop like balloons. Instead you need to have super utility like Ashe, or gank setup like Jhin. You wont see a Jinx or a Kogmaw or Tristana. If your pro ADC is really insecure, they pick Ezreal and cheat the laning phase.

Supports are engage and setup only. No support will pick things like Janna, Nami or Sona. Enchanters dont exist. Its Sett, Leona, Pyke and Pantheon(pre nerf).

You see how dragon meta kills everything. I have not cited anything from my personal experience. Everything I just wrote came from watching last season and observing how they play. Its very systematic and hard to break.

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Nobody seems to be able to throw a wrench into the gears so to speak. Hopefully im wrong and we get more exciting play, but looking at the meta now, I doubt it.

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