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A few more tips for DRX

Content of the article: "A few more tips for DRX"

I’d posted some tips for DRX a while ago and people responded positively to that so here’s a couple more I’ve learnt and some common mistakes I’ve seen people do.

  1. A team of starlord, Sharon, Sharon is FAR better than three sharogs. Leaderships make a huge difference in DRX. Please stop thinking that you’ve broken the system with three sharogs, you don’t end up doing too well. Use a lead.

  2. Basic knowledge but I’ll mention it again- if you’re a lead (or even not a lead for that matter) cycle through all potential characters to let your teammates know what to choose. Don’t wait until the last second to choose a lead because the other players will probably leave by then.

  3. If you have some characters that could only possibly do any good damage with a rage, mention in the chat that you have a rage. For example, if you have a Jean I don’t expect much from you at all and might leave the game because Jean’s are usually pvp oriented which isn’t good for DRX. If you have built your Jean for PVE, make it a point to tell the others so they know you can carry your weight.

  4. Sharog still remains the undisputed goat of DRX. I’ve seen many people try the ‘spam skills till she gets her t3’ technique but sharog can do insane damage just with her 4 too. 3c5dc4 works so well for her and she puts out 10+ bars for me nearly everytime with that combo. Make sure you accumulate damage as well.

  5. For stryfe- you cannot cancel any of his phases. You might get lucky and push him into this weird phase where he does the extreme simulation and a chaotic gate at the same time but that’s about it. Here’s a tactic- if you see your teammate do his t3/ awakening skill, don’t do yours. Chances are he’ll push stryfe into one of the chaotic gates and your damage would just be wasted if you do your skill as well. Save it for after the phase.


  7. Personal opinion- Awakened characters>t3 for DRX. The fact that dying is actually more beneficial for awakened characters supports this claim. Take this week for example. If you step in one of Jean’s fire puddle things you almost instantly die. If in that case you respawn with your highest damage dealing skill, you are far more likely to deal more damage than a t3 character who has to start from 0% all again. That being said, there are far more good t3 characters than awakening.

  8. A lot of people don’t want to build characters specifically for DRX. That’s understandable. Here’s a list of characters who are extremely good and should have the same build no matter what game mode you play with them (only PVE) so you can build them accordingly. Dr Strange (Rage), Sharog (Energy), Moon Knight (Energy/rage), BRB (Honestly, lightning damage proc obelisk), Ghost Rider (Judgement/Rage), Medusa (Energy/200 proc), Magneto (Rage)

  9. I understand that not everyone’s a whale and doesn’t have rages on all their characters. In this case, I’d recommend building up leaders. Star lord, cyclops, Medusa, Magneto are some of the best and even if you can’t do much damage with them, you’ve done most of your job just bringing them along.

For people wondering, these are my 5 daily clears+my obelisk on them. Make sure to always have 3 leaders atleast in your list so you don’t hurt your teammates if you get the leader position.

BRB(Lightning+Crit damage+180 Obelisk), Sharog(Energy), Magneto(Rage), Wanda (Rage), Dr Strange (Rage), Mr Knight (rage) (extra dps)

Except sharog, all of them can serve as either damage characters or leaders. All of these guys (except magneto) also clear WBU for me with the same build and I run giant boss raid with them as well.

Let me know if anyone has any tips they’d like to add!


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