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A guide to Comic Cards for MFF v6.8

Another update for my Comic Cards guide (god, it's been nearly 3 years since the last one). Includes everything major released since the previous guide was made; plus some formatting changes to increase readability.

I did away with the Premium Card review and recommended options section for non-premium cards from the previous guide since I feel that those are just not that useful anymore (P-cards have varying degrees of usefulness based on your needs and crafting providing even more options; plus non-premium cards are not that useful in the end-game and this is just also re-hashing in-game information). Let me know if anyone wants those sections back in.


This guide is an attempt to help you decide which cards to use at different stages of your progression in-game. Also included is a review of all premium cards in the game as well as information on some of the better non-premium cards that you should consider for your card set in the early game.

Comic Card Basics

  • Comic cards are basically an improvement of the previous comic card piece system. You obtain comic covers in the form of cards which you can then equip in a special 'Cards' menu to boost your entire roster.
  • Comic Cards are stressed upon so much as they are the major difference between a veteran and a beginner player. Good cards will make the difference between performing well in high-level content and performing badly.
  • Each player has 5 slots to equip comic cards, and no comic card can be equipped more than once (so you cannot run around with two Loki 17's, for example.)

Comic Card Basics (Expanded)

  • Comic cards have ranks (like obelisks), up to a max of 6*. Each rank adds a new stat option, so a rank 5 (or legendary) card has 5 stat options, a mythic card has 6.
  • Cards also have quality, denoted by the number on the bottom right of the card; this denotes the values for the 2 fixed stat options as well as the crafted stats.
  • A sacrifice of 5 cards of the same rank is required to advance a card to the next rank, thus a card of rank (n+1) requires 6 rank n cards.
  • Cards have 2 primary or fixed stat options (shaded orange) whose value scales based on rank and quality (denoted at the bottom right of a card). The random stat options (in blue) can have a range of fixed stat types (click the ? beside a stat to see what stat options can be rolled in that slot).
  • The random option values are fixed at 5.1, 5.4, 5.7 and 6 respectively for the various stat lines.
  • Mythical cards can also be re-rolled using another mythical card. This changes its quality and random stat options and is the only way to obtain a quality 7 card, which provides an 11% value on its fixed stat options instead of 10.5%.

Rare/Premium Cards

  • Premium cards can only be obtained from few sources, but the best way is to play Giant Boss Raid daily and get rank 50 on the Future Pass to obtain Premium Card Tokens and use them on the Premium Card Chest.
  • Premium Cards have the first 3 stats fixed instead of 2 (the 3rd stat will have a fixed value of 5.1%) and are therefore much easier to re-roll for desired stats. They are denoted by a P symbol on the top left of the card as well as the golden borders and the glossy shine on the card.
  • The Korean Artbook cards are now Premium Cards, though they can be obtained from the crystal card chests only during certain events as part of the 'Chance Up' rotation.
  • Also, there are 11 rare cards; these are available in the crystal card chest (from the Dimension Chest in the Store) only at 4* or above; plus some of these cards are only available in the SHIELD Lab Store or Co-Op Play rewards. 6 of the cards; Amazing Spiderman #653, Avengers Origins Thor #1, Gwenpool #1 , SHIELD #12, Civil War #5 and Captain America #24 are available from the 2 extra sources, while the 5 Monsters Unleashed cards are currently exclusive to the crystal card chests.

Card Crafting

  • Starting from the Symbiote update; you can now craft Premium Cards in order to gain even more stats from cards. Sacrifice 5 mythic cards and use some Card Crafting Cubes to upgrade a Premium Card and add a craft stat. This stat value is dependent on the quality of the card (same value as fixed stats).
  • Up to 6 extra stats can be added this way; unlike the fixed and random options which are unique for a given card, all Premium Cards have the same stat options when crafting the card (check here1>) for further details)
  • Crafting a card also adds a color to the star (chosen between red, green or blue at random); you get a bonus if you have 3 or 6 stars of the same color on one card (note, it has to be on ONE card); blue stars grant additional Pierce Damage, red stats grant Concentration and green stars increase All Resistances.
  • You can use other Premium Cards to re-roll crafted stats using Craft Combine; this changes the star color as well as the crafted stat options (the base fixed and random options are untouched).
  • You can lock stats that you don't want to be changed during a Craft Combine; this preserves the star color and stat option for the craft stats you lock; but costs crystals to lock. It requires anywhere between 50 and 500 crystals to lock stats for Craft Combine depending on how many stats you lock from 1 to 5.

Stat Priority

The primary motivation for building a card set is to consider which stats you intend to focus on. While there is no 100% correct answer to this question, I'd recommend these as the 'primary' stats you should focus on, in no particular order.

Primary stat recommendations

  • Attack stats (All Attack/Energy Attack/Physical Attack): One of the few stats to have no known cap, the reason for card optimization is to push them to max while keeping the other stats close to required. Go as far as possible. For casual purposes though, 30-40% should easily get you through 600k points ABX and low level WBU or WB Legend stages on well-built characters.
  • Skill Cooldown(SCD): With a cap of 50%, from which 14% you get by joining a lvl. 30 alliance, 30-33% from cards is more than enough to max it out on most characters. Any more and it's just a waste. You can bring it further down with uru, 4th gear option and Hawk's Eye ISO set (though Overdrive and Power of Angry Hulk are better on many characters). But try not to dip below 25% SCD on your card set unless you're specifically running a PvP-heavy roster (in which case you don't need this guide 🙂
  • Ignore Defense: A stat that you won't need to max out till you reach the endgame. 30-35% from cards is decent, although pushing it to 40% would also be fine. Don't have it lower than 25% from your cards though, since that makes you compensate for Ignore Defense from other sources, eating into possible damage boosts from these sources. You can get more Ignore Defense from sources like ISO sets, 4th gear option, uru and team-ups to max it out.
  • Attack Speed: Attack Speed boosts skill animation speeds and increases DPS while shortening i-frame durations on skills making them more vulnerable in PvP. The latter is actually a non-issue now, so you should have a good amount of attack speed on your Tier-3/Transcended characters (I'd say 115% is a decent enough spot, push it further for those that need it like Cable or Strange). Since Attack Speed has a baseline of 100%, aim at getting at least 10-15% Attack Speed, if not more, from your card set.
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Sub-Stats Recommendation

These are what I feel are good 'sub-stats'; that is focus on these once you're comfortable with the level of your primary stats.

  • Max HP: Many cards can roll this as a primary stat; Max HP is typically only useful for PvP-heavy rosters, but having some on your cards will not hurt. If your crafted stats roll Max HP, probably keep it.
  • Crit Damage/Crit Rate: Another good offensive stat combo; though I find it less useful on cards than Max HP since the numerical values are low and Crit Rate suffers from scaling. Plus you can easily build these from other sources if need be; like obelisks, uniform options, uru etc. Once you have your primary stats set up though, you should probably think of getting Crit stats on your crafted card stats; since your DPS characters should ideally have max Crit Rate and Crit Damage; which crafted stats will help with.
  • Dodge: Only reason I mention Dodge is because it helps cap the stat for those DPS that use CTP of Rage; plus it adds a tiny bit of survivability. Dodge is a possible stat to roll with the 1st craft of a Premium Card, so you might get some Dodge passively.

Bad stats

These are stats I do not recommend that you look for in cards simply because they do not provide enough benefit. These 'bad' stats are:

  • Defenses/Recovery Rate: As defensive stats, Max HP serves you better because dodge suffers from scaling, Defenses get neutered by Ignore Defense and RR is suited only for healers which is a niche group.
  • Resists/Movement Speed/Crowd Control Time: Absolutely worthless stats to have on cards since you will not see much benefit at all from building these stats.

Card Set Building Tips

Players frequently ask on the subreddit daily question thread in regards to their card set, whether it be how they should prioritize stats on their card sets, or whether it's worthwhile to replace card X with card Y. As someone who has played this game for over 4 years and know the ins and outs of most game systems; here are some of my tips:

  • Firstly, you should consider keeping Skill Cooldown (SCD) and Ignore Defense at a level you deem comfortable. If any cards threatens to reduce these on replacement, consider holding on for now. You can re-roll your cards to get a better one that will (hopefully) not disturb these stats that much. Loss of 1-2% is acceptable, anymore than 4-5% will likely disturb your entire roster forcing you to change urus or the 4th gear rolls in the case of SCD. Your card sets should be set up so that your best/favorite/meta characters always have close to 50% SCD and Ignore Defense.
  • Attack stats can go down a notch, consider doing so if it gives you a much-needed SCD or Ignore Defense boost. The reverse is also true; consider the loss of a little SCD/Ignore Defense worth it if you get a good attack boost
  • If you happen to roll a good version of cards like Shaner, Thors #2, Secret Wars Lim, Marvel Zombies, Amazing Spiderman #535 etc. consider equipping them if you have a bad version of good cards as a stopgap to when you roll the perfect card you need.
  • I would recommend you only consider mythical cards that have both fixed stats as primary stats or at least one primary and one sub-stat; a less than ideal stat hogging the fixed stat option is a waste. Exceptions to be made for cards that have All Attack as a primary stat (like Civil War #4 or Spiderman #653), those are rare and that is worth the other 2 stats as primary stat.
  • Avoid mythic cards that have the fixed stats as 'bad' ones, so to speak. They will waste a valuable slot where you can equip better cards. Use them as fodder for re-rolling or crafting other cards.
  • Once you start obtaining Premium Cards, re-roll them to get the desired quality and random options. Then check your card set and see what kind of similar card can be replaced (for eg. Uncanny Avengers #14 or Black Panther #166 would be a suitable replacement for Loki #17, Spiderman #605, Loki #2 and Black Panther #35 can replace Star-Lord and Groot cards, and so on).
  • Your ultimate aim should be to build a full set of Premium Cards with good random options and high quality (I'd suggest 5 and above) in preparation of crafting said cards down the line. If you can get to 30+% on Ignore Defence and SCD plus get 40+% on the attack stats (in both the all + energy attack and all + physical attack combination; though you should probably try to push further, till at least 50+% if possible, since P-cards are that good), you are good to go.
  • Once you are ready for crafting, I'd suggest crafting each card to Grade 6 one-by-one rather than craft multiple cards to Grade 1, then Grade 2 and so on; because you'll gain access to better stats and potentially extra Pierce/Concentration if you focus on one card at a time.
  • Once you have a card at Craft Grade 6, you can think about re-rolling the crafted stats using Craft Combine. It will cost a Premium Card and crystals if you decide to lock stats; I recommend trying to get 5% pierce by getting 6 blue stars as it will cost 6.5 P-Cards and 1800 crystals on average to get there (as reported by u/jmckie1974 in their post here2>)); which would feel reasonable enough from certain perspectives (including mine, though I find the P-card cost a tad egregious).
  • The most thing I'd like to mention is that re-rolling comic cards for desired stats requires time and quite a bit of luck (or a decent amount of money). It could be months or even years before you see your desired card set ready. Patience is the key here, so there is no real reason to rush things to see an improvement. It will come, given time.
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Sample Card Set Recommendations

These are my recommendations (as a sample) on how I would go about building my card sets were I to start as a beginner with my current game knowledge.

Super Early/Beginner Card Set

Early in the game, your primary source of cards is going to be Dimension Missions, either through mission drops or the Support Shop. What I'd suggest is to first equip a set of 4* cards with whatever rolls you get, then focus on equipping 4* cards that have good rolls on the random options (I'll mention the good rolls below). For 4* cards with bad rolls, you can keep them in the hopes you combine them and get a good 6* version of the card you have.

Below is my recommendation for the 4* cards you should aim for at first, with the random options as below:

  • Loki #17: Ignore Defense on 1, Attack Speed/Physical Attack proc on 2.
  • Avengers #318 (Nebula on cover): All Attack on 1, SCD on 2
  • Star-Lord #2: Physical Attack on 1, SCD on 2
  • Groot #1: Energy Attack on 1, SCD on 2
  • Marvel Zombies #1: Ignore Defense/Energy Attack on 2.
  • Uncanny X-Men #8: Energy Attack on 1 and SCD on 2.

With these cards, your stats will look like this (assuming you use the 5 cards except for Marvel Zombies and all cards are quality 4):

Card All Attack SCD Ignore Defense Physical Attack Energy Attack Attack Speed
Loki #17 7 7 5.1 5.4
Starlord #2 5.4 7 5.1
Groot #5 5.4 7 5.1
Nebula (Avengers #318 5.1 5.4 7
Uncanny X-Men #8 7 5.4 5.1
Total 19.1 28.6 26.1 5.1 10.2 5.4

This is a good card set for the early game, with a good amount of SCD and Ignore Defense to help in preparing for high-level content like World Boss, Shadowland, Alliance Battle and more.

As I mentioned above, the method I suggest to go about building this set is to start by making a 4* version of each card and equipping them immediately, replacing the equipped cards once you find better rolls on newer 4* cards. The waste 4* cards should be saved to convert them into 5* and 6* cards that should hopefully be an upgrade over the cards you have equipped.

Intermediate/Free Card Set

This is a card set that can be easily built by F2P players, since it requires zero crystal expenditure. 2 cards mentioned in this set are farmable from rifts and the other 3 cards you can obtain from free card chests like the Support Shop or Shadowlands. I put this card set in as a recommendation for those players who want to graduate from the beginner card set while still require no expenditure on comic cards.

Card All Attack SCD Ignore Defense Physical Attack Energy Attack Attack Speed
Loki #17 9 9 5.1 6 5.4
Starlord #2 6 5.4 9 5.1
Groot #5 6 5.4 9 5.1
Civil War #4 9 5.4 5.1 6
Punisher #19 6 5.4 9 9
Total 36 30.6 32.1 10.2 17.1 14.4

With 45+ All Attack, 30+ Ignore Defense and SCD as well as ~15% Attack Speed, this is a good card set for the intermediate stages of the game.

Intermediate Set 2 (Upgraded Set)

If you can make use of some of the rare cards or Legendary Battle Premium cards, this is a set you can aim to build. Otherwise, you can skip building this set ad go straight for the Premium Card set mentioned below. Note that the rare cards are rare for good reason, keep a close eye on the SHIELD Lab and Co-Op Play rewards so that you don't miss the chance of getting one.

Card All Attack SCD Ignore Defense Physical Attack Energy Attack Attack Speed
Loki #17 9 9 5.1 6 5.4
Black Panther #35/Civil War #5 6 5.1 9 9 0/5.7 5.4
Loki #2/Avengers Origins Thor 6 5.1 9 9 5.4
Civil War #4 9 5.4 6 5.1
Gwenpool #1 9 5.4 6 5.7
Total 39 30 29.1 14.2 21/26.7 21.9

Premium Card Set

The meat of the card set recommendations, this is the kind of set you should be aiming for down the line, whenever that is. My card set recommendation is PvE heavy since I don't have experience in competitive PvP, so any input would be appreciated.

Card All Attack SCD Ignore Defense Physical Attack Energy Attack Attack Speed
Loki #17 9 9 5.1 6 5.4
Uncanny Avengers #14 9 9 5.1 5.4 5.7 6
Civil War #5 6 5.4 9 9 5.7
GotG:BSE #1 9 5.4 6 5.7 5.1
ASM #605 9 9 5.7 5.4 5.1
Total 42 28.8 28.2 26.1 28.5 21.6
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Note that this still doesn't have all 5 Premium Cards, and that is because P-Cards will have difficulty in getting a balance of stats this good (they will typically have one lop-sided stat like high Energy Attack and low Physical Attack; or low Ignore Defense with high attack stats and so on). A full set of 5 P-cards with balanced stats only comes into play once you start crafting the cards.

Crafting Premium Cards

Crafting Premium Cards should be considered as the way forward for upgrading card sets, because not only does it provide card stats that you might have low amounts of on your card sets, it also provides an avenue for getting additional Pierce Damage (highly desirable for PvE modes, especially Knull WBL) or Concentration. Crafted stats become a viable source of sub-stats that you might otherwise be reluctant to get from the main stats on your card: like Max HP (for PvE rosters), Crit Rate/ Damage, Dodge etc. and help cap Ignore Defense or SCD for your roster.

If you do not want anything from crafted stats, you should still consider trying to get 6 blue stars on a single card for the 5% Pierce Damage, which would be a big help for high-level PvE game-modes.

Based on my breakdown of the primary/secondary/bad stats; here's the stats to prioritize for the given crafted stage:

Crafting Grade Recommended Stats (bold for main)
Grade 1 Dodge Rate/Recovery Rate
Grade 2 HP/ Movement Speed
Grade 3 Ignore Defense
Grade 4 Critical Damage
Grade 5 Attack Speed/Critical Rate/Skill Cooldown
Grade 6 All Attack/Energy Attack/Physical Attack

As you can see, even the worst Premium Card at maxed crafted stats with only 2-3 good rolls of choice will easily out-perform any non-Premium Card with perfect rolls. This is why Card Crafting is now the future of maximizing your card sets.

The main recommendations for Ignore Defense and Skill Cooldown only make sense if you haven't been able to reach the cap on your Tier-3/Transcended characters without significant investment with uru/uniform options. Else, go for the next best option.

Comic Card Collections

Introduced with update 3.5, collections are a new way of giving you the slight edge you need or crave. Just get a card up to mythic and you'll automatically add it to the collection; feel free to do anything with the card later (use it as re-roll fodder would be my advice, if you don't need the card anymore). Completing collections gives you a small bonus to a fixed stat (from +1% to a maximum of +5%).

Some of the more lucrative collections (like ones that give SCD or All Attack) require you to get a Premium Card or rare card in order to complete the set.

I'd say explicitly focusing on completing card collections just to get the set bonus stat is not worth it. The bonuses are minimal (though useful) and not worth the hassle in terms of crystals or money. Just focus on upgrading your card set naturally and lock down a card for upgrading if you chance across one of the rarer cards. Complete some of the easier to do ones like Punisher, Secret Wars:2099, Ant-Man, Clash of Ideas, Secret Wars etc. and keep working on the other tougher ones so that you can immediately complete them when chancing upon the corresponding Premium/rare card.

Addendum: Comic Card Quality Chance

Taken directly from the odds published by NM in this post here1>), I thought I'd include it in my guide since it deserves special mention. This table denotes the chance of getting a given quality on a mythic/Premium card once you use another mythic card to re-roll:

Card Quality Chance
1 10%
2 20%
3 28%
4 25%
5 10%
6 5%
7 2%

As you can see, you have a roughly 2 in 5 chance (42%) of getting a quality 4 and above card, or a 1 in 6 chance (17%) of getting a quality 5 and above card. Which is why I recommend having a high quality Premium Card when you are ready to craft it.

Closing Thoughts

This is going to be my last post on the subeddit; whether it be guide-type or otherwise (though I'll still lurk around and ocassionally comment on other posts). If you're looking for an update to my other guides (like the average cost of premium items in the Dimension Chest that had their odds changed over time or the hidden buffs/debuffs list, among others); those are not going to come in the form of a Reddit post, if they ever happen. Instead, you can keep an eye out on the subreddit wiki in case I ever decide to update them (you can send a PM if you want to see your guide on the wiki ASAP).

I hope this guide provides to you some pointers on how to prioritize the stats to focus on from your card set and then tailor a card set based on the stats you've decided to focus on.

Thanks for reading!


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