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ABX Rework opens up endless possibilities

Content of the article: "ABX Rework opens up endless possibilities"

The title is a little bit exaggerated but I'm quite positive that ABX reword can opens up new possibilities with how we use our character. Some people, mainly those who prefer tryhard for cancelling beast's roar, might be unhappy with the rework. But for us who never been a fan of spending a lot of time just to do a single cancel roar, this is probably a great time for us to explore Alliance Battle Extreme. So what can kind of cool possibilities comes with the rework of ABX?

  • CTP of Energy can be relevan again. Basically the reason why CTP of Rage is so mandatory for ABX that its "Decrease Boss' Damage Reduction" is necessary to make our character can deal damage to the Frost Beast since Frost Beast gets Damage Reduction 50%, 70%, 90% from each roar respectively. Before ABX rework, it was a pain in the ass to do roar cancel. Let's say you want to use Black Widow instead of Luna for Speed ABX. You might need a hundred of years of training before actually manage to cancel all roars with Black Widow's T3 skill. But now with reworked ABX, any character should be able to do roar cancel far far easier than before. Which means we don't need to rely on CTP of Rage (except for those character who desperately need Rage).
  • It's time for CTP of Judgement to shine. Same thing as previous point, but this one for elemental damage dealers. There has been a lot of testimony and test that some metas can actually scores pretty high with CTP of Judgement if we manage to do roar cancel. Notable characters are Apocalypse, and Professor X. If you have some CTP of Judgement lying around, it's time for them to be useful for ABX.
  • Double hitter is a thing, but this time it should be more interesting. Even before ABX rework, double hitter is a common thing for certain day that needs a help. Some people use Gladiator not only as secondary hitter, but also for cancelling Frost Beast's roar with his Silence. Magneto – Mysterio – Cyclops team is also quite popular recently thanks to the Mysterio's passive that can inflict silence. With how the "weakness" of Frost Beast changed each day or each week, we might need to build up some character we have never used before in order to do roar cancel. It should be fun that you finally can use Supergiant in Female Villain ABX when Frost Beast's weakness is Silence effect.
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Speaking of reward, I agree that it should be reworked as well. But the fact that we can finally explore Alliance Battle Extreme with so many comps and build excites me. At least you can try to aim for 3 million so that you get those uniform EXP chip.


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