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Analysis of the Danger Room Rework

Content of the article: "Analysis of the Danger Room Rework"

DRX Team Selection

In DRX, all members can bring the same hero. Sounds good doesn't it? But hold on, there is a "same hero reenter" penalty! Notably, the grade score will not change which won't help those gunning for platinum. Also you can't get the daily participation rewards.

Why would you even play it with the duplicate heroes then? Matches will take even longer to set up as players decide among themselves who will change their character. Then even more time will be lost as people make their 2nd choice. Then possible more delays if a second duplication happens. Some players will simply abandon the lobby.

Simulation Mode

Something called Simulation mode occurs when the boss HP reaches a certain point. During this period, no attacking is possible. You have to survive by running around and avoiding environmental hazards. I think this was added to prevent expert teams "one-shotting" the boss.

For most (non-expert) teams, this will merely prolong a game mode that's already too long. It will also be annoying like the fixed attack patterns in WBU – think Thanos and Scarlet Witch.

Daily Participation Rewards

These is available in both normal and extreme mode. They are also shared so if you get 5 participation boxes in extreme, you can't get any boxes in normal.

You can get up to 5 participation boxes per day, win or lose. You get one first victory box per day. The participation box contains premium bios like Professor X, Negasonic, Rachel, Gambit, and Weapon Hex. The victory box does not have premium bios.

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Five chances per day to get premium bios even if you lose the match? At first glance, this sounds generous. Think about the incentives this gives to the players.

There will be a huge influx danger room participants who want a chance at these premium bios. They will play 5X per day. Imagine a horde of newbies who don't care if they win or lose and are just going thru the motions to get the chest.

The overall quality of game play will be shitty, since there is no incentive to win. You could try your best, but your team mates could just as well occasionally tap a button and they'll get the same rewards you do. If you think DR with randoms if frustrating now…

This will be good for established teams though. They will feast on the random teams that are just there for participation.


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