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CTP Reforging Expectations

Hey fellow agents!

I understand that in the latest patch notes Greedmarble Netmarble did not touch upon the CTP system at all!With our continuous efforts to boycott this system, I am sure they will have to act upon this.They did tweak the Card system (which was still day and night, from what we expected); I believe they will also attempt the same.They won't completely remove the system, because you know Netmarble.. but they will bring us a system that comes in the middle grounds for both parties (the player base and NM).

My alliance mate u/garyketchup and I came up with two ideas/mock-ups of what we could expect from the development team.

System 1:

System – 1

This system will require the player to'reforge' the CTPs using regular obelisks.

The requirements for reforging would be as seen in the image, three Extreme Obelisks with the following criteria:

  • -Extreme Obelisk with Invincibility
  • -Extreme Obelisk with Guard Break Immunity
  • -Extreme Obelisk with Increase Damage by x% .

The remaining slots would not require any criteria for the Extreme Obelisks.

Netmarble could make it a 15% chance for each obelisk to give a ' Super Success '.

What they can also do is that if we use CTPs, the chance up would increase to 25% for each CTP and up to 33.33% for each CTP of the same type as the one we are trying to Reforge.

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Note: This system means that if we use 6 Extreme Obelisks, we have a 6 x 15% = 90% chance of'Super Success 'and upon using any 4 CTPs we have a chance of 4 x 25% = 100% chance of' Super Success '.

System 2:


Here the various colors represent different stats.

  • the Red = Fire Damage Extreme Obelisk of
  • Green = Recovery rate Extreme Obelisk
  • Blue = Cold Damage Extreme Obelisk of
  • Yellow = Max HP Extreme Obelisk
  • Pink = Mind Damage Extreme Obelisk
  • White = Lightning Damage Extreme Obelisk
  • Gray = Critical Damage Extreme Obelisk
  • *-*Black = Critical Rate Extreme Obelisk etc.(other colors can be assigned for guard break immunity , web immunity etc)

So similar to System 1, the reforging would require any four of the above Extreme Obelisks ( will be random , so every CTP will not have same requirements ) and other slots can utilize any random Extreme Obelisk.

Every Extra Obelisk used (besides the initial four) would have a 20% chance for'Super Success' so it would require 4 + 5 Obelisks for a'Super Success'.

For CTPs, each extra CTP will have a 35% chance and if the CTP used is of the same kind, the chance up increases to 45% each.

Type Super success rate (each) Number required(excluding 4 type Obelisk)
Extreme Obelisk 20% 5
Not same type CTP 35% Around 3
Same type CTP 45% Around 2
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Note : Both systems require quite a decent amount of Custom Gears and it comes without mentioning that Netmarble can implement this but should as well increase the methods and quantity of these Custom Gears by a significant amount!

Healthy discussions are welcome! 🙂



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