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Danger Room Normal makes me want to punt a child, I cannot imagine what Extreme must be like.

Content of the article: "Danger Room Normal makes me want to punt a child, I cannot imagine what Extreme must be like."

Sure, I get it – you might go into Danger Room just for the participation points. What if I told you if you moved your thumbs just a little bit more you could almost guarantee a W? CRAZY RIGHT?

So I'm only level 13 Proficiency in Danger Room. 13. Been playing the game for about a little less than 3 weeks. I understand how every hero generally has their own rotation, iframes, etc to learn and play. Cool. That's great.

The game is also very similar to other ARPGs, MMOs, hell – other video games in general. Don't stand in the bad stuff, avoid the evil glowy shit, you know – regular video game ass shit.

Now, in Danger Room Normal, at least for this week it's Stryfe! Everyone's favorite Cable clone next to X-Man.

  • Stryfe summons Chaos Gates around the arena.
  • The game tells you when Stryfe summons the Chaos Gates around the arena.
  • Stryfe shoots an Energy Blast that can destroy the Chaos Gates.
  • The game tells you to use the Energy Blast to destroy the Chaos Gates.
  • Players who are targeted by the Energy Blast have a big fucking BLUE ARROW OVER THEIR HEADS.
  • Rotate around the map when targetted by the Energy Blast to destroy the Chaos Gates.
  • The game fucking tells you to kite the Energy Blast into the Chaos Gates.

So why the fuck am I seeing dudes with 100+ proficiency just standing in front of Stryfe, getting hit by the Energy Blast, not kiting it, then dying to the resulting Energy Blasts from the unclosed Chaos Gates?! HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?

This week's rotation Scarlet Witch, Professor X, and Black Surfer can melt this Stryfe in less than 3 minutes – their kits allow them to do so much goddamn damage you don't even need to know HALF of their optimal rotation. Yet people will try to actually swing on this fucker while he's clearly in untargetable mode, eat the laser to the face, eat the chaos gate lasers to the face, and just die. Multiple times.

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I shit you not, I was in a game where one of my teammates using SW had the highest death count with a fucking 7. How do you even die that many times in Danger Room Normal?! Rounds aren't even fucking long enough to die that many times! This guy was proficiency level 112. 112! HOW.

It's not rocket science! Not dying raises your team's chances of winning almost exponentially! JUST KITE THE FUCKING LASER BEAM.

The idea of being a proficiency level higher than like 10 or 15 let alone in the 100s without knowing how to not die to brain dead mechanics is fucking soul shattering. Every time I see one of you "veteran" players eating shit on Stryfe I can only think to myself "Thanos should've snapped twice."

tl;dr – Just fucking kite the laser beam, please.


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