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Dispatch Missions – What does an average account get?

It's been sometime since the dispatch missions were introduced, and quite a lot of people have reached dispatch level 20 (or thereabouts). I have tracked the quantities of different materials received (excluding the drops from running the missions and dispatch level up boxes), to provide a clearer picture of the amount of rewards we accrue over time. I have not been able to progress beyond chapter 8 stage 4, so I haven't included the data from those sectors.

Sector 1

Sector 2

Sector 3

Sector 4

Sector 5

Sector 6

Sector 7

Sector 8


  1. These calculations are for average dispatch level 20 and above. As you climb, the reward rate goes up. Hence, you'll eventually get more than these.
  2. The extrapolations assume that you collect the rewards as soon as they're ready, and no time is wasted. In reality, you'll get less than the predicted amount.


If you're dispatch level 20 (or near), you get 80 million gold, 6000 energy, 16000 clear tickets, 700 dimension debris, 2500 norn stones (various colors), 650 Mkraan shards, 550 Gear up kits, 450 Mkraan Crystals, 650 Phoenix feathers, 750 Norn stones of chaos, 850 Black anti matter, 500 Essence of dimension, 425 Mandalay gem fragments, 650 Titan component packs per month, approximately. All of this after just dispatching your characters once.



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