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Greetings Agents!

For many characters and uniforms I will be referring to a post done by u/UnfairVanilla7 wherein they do an amazingly detailed job describing what certain moves would do and the different skill changes as well as animation ideas, I love all his ideas and could not myself hope to match his work!


The Silver Surfer has arrived with an ominous message for the Fantastic Four. Galactus has been defeated! And the one who did it? His negative zone Antithesis!

A new playable character Galactus has been added!

New uniforms for the Fantastic Four have been added as they are imbued with the power cosmic! And Galactus (Galan) must learn how to fend for himself when he is no longer the planet eater!

In addition, 3 members of the first family reach new heights as their Potential Transcends to cosmic heights!

Introducing a new Giant Boss Raid mode featuring Antithesis!

New Characters:

Name: Galactus (Classic)

Description: Refer to u/ UnfairVanilla7 's work for the classic costume, he nailed it!

New Uniforms:

Mr. Fantastic (Power Cosmic): Still referring to u/UnfairVanilla7 's classic uniform ideas, however his 5th skill could feature the Silver Surfer flying by splitting open the floor below him with an energy trail (Similar to the 4th skill of Iron Man's IW costume)

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Invisible Woman (Power Cosmic): u/UnfairVanilla7 rocked it again!

The Human Torch (Power Cosmic): u/UnfairVanilla7 has great ideas for him as well!

The Thing (Power Cosmic): u/UnfairVanilla7 knocked it out of the park!

Galactus (Galan): After nearly losing his life to Antithesis as Galactus, Galan must be made mortal again for the Fantastic Four to save him, now he must fend for himself using only his genius and the technology found on his ship.

This new uniform would make him a blast type and change all of his skills, if anyone has good ideas I would be very excited to read them!

Potential Awakening and Transcended Potential

Awakening Skill (Cosmic Blast) – specifically attached to the Power Cosmic uniforms, for their normal costumes or Future Foundation uni's, see u/UnfairVanilla7' s post for Fantastic Team-Up)

The Thing, Human Torch, and Invisible Woman all land in front of the enemies, The Thing runs up dealing devastating blows to the enemies, while Johnny comes in behind him going supernova as Sue creates a forcefield of shrinking walls (like the future foundation 1st skill) as they all pullback and use the Power Cosmic imbued within them to suck the enemies inward, stunning them in the process, and then unleashing a powerful blast!

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New Giant Boss Raid Boss

Galactus' ANTITHESIS Has arrived from the negative zone! Earths heroes must fight from the platform of Galactus' ship in order to push him back into the zone from whence he came! Their will be 3 phases:

  1. Antithesis will send the beings who he has corrupted with his "Creation Powers" Sending multiple waves at agents.
  2. Having lost his warriors to the heroes, and growing slightly annoyed, Antithesis now moves in towards the platform and begins using physical attacks against heroes.
  3. Now growing weak, Antithesis uses his Negative Zone blasts and targets heroes, BEWARE! If he lands a hit with these energy blasts your hero will be brainwashed and damage teammates (Much like Sentinel GBR) and he begins tearing apart the platform shrinking the available space. (Will likely go at most from 100% available space to 80%)

Awards: Galactus Biometrics, and other GBR Rewards

Also refer to u/UnfairVanilla7 for his GBR Extreme ideas! <——— The post from u/UnfairVanilla7


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Post: "Fantastic Four: *SPOILER ALERT* ANTITHESIS UPDATE (GALAN/GALACTUS PLAYABLE CHARACTER)" specifically for the game Marvel Future Fight. Other useful information about this game:

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