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Game Modifications w/o doing much

Content of the article: "Game Modifications w/o doing much"

I am boycotting mff as well, not going to purchase anything on BF.
But also from past days I had this thought that the new system that made us boycott the game is not entirely wrong in form but is in implementation. I am a F2P, for me if this system exists as it is, is going to push me away and hence I though there were some ways the system could be kept but also it does not affect the larger community. So here are my suggestions

  1. Keep your fucking costly greedy system, however they should not be universally applicable. What I mean by that is that say, P-Cards additional options feature should be kept, with the same crafting options but they should NOT be applicable in DRX, PVP, Alliance Conquest i.e. systems involving other players.
    You are buffing your WB with skill cancelling increasing with every update, so we should equally have a chance to Reverse UNO them using your new concentration, or whatever it is called.
  2. Keep your CTP system, but that should be only applicable to shittty CTPs like Egg, Transcendence etc and should only provide additional options of likes of Increase in Attack, Defense, Chain hit damage etc. Not your new BS system.
  3. Our throats and thumbs have dried out demanding rewards, so like your usual, ignore us. But just double up WB entries, 1.5x TB entries, increase energy by 1.25/1.5 times just like you did with awakening. That move cheered so many and shows you that your most of the system is outdated for a 5 Yr Old game and updating in-game modes rewards can help us relax more.
  4. A T3(or/and) 3 Awakenings every month is appreciated, its appreciated a lot but recently you have started double check-in of sorts with 28 day check-in returning every, well, 29/30 days. And that fucking helps nothing in farming. So just merge them with old system. Except T2 and crystals nothing fascinates us in the old check-in, so its better to just replace that with your new 28 and make T2, crystals and Odin blessing a part of guaranteed check-in. And few extra farming materials would e appreciated.
  5. Stop with your Dev Posts, I mean what you write in that is basically equivalent to a notice, so stop fooling us. Do a live 15 minute session, or just don't do it at all.
  6. Where is LUNA/Crescent/X-23 biometrics event? Change characters if you like, but do something like that. Potential enhancement is a headache while building up other characters, so a pass time event like that will definitely help us stick to this game.
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See, I know your strength lies in your garbage RNG, and I am not blaming it. I mean 10% success MEANS 90% chance of failure and we have no problem with that, we understand your decisions, your mechanics but for a game that has been running from quite long time, the changes that should have been are completely absent. Please improve it, don't make it a stale game like DC Unchained, which is being shut down on 26th and became mirror image of your game, 0 FUCKING CHANGES over years.

Please NM, Devs, CEO, everyone who is involved in making this game and is reading this, please save this game. Losing Avengers Alliance was already heartbreaking, I don't want that again.


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